Peter Maybarduk

Access to Medicines Director

Peter Maybarduk helps partners around the world overcome high-price pharmaceutical monopolies and secure the benefits of science, technology and culture for all. He is an intellectual property expert and is available to discuss drug pricing, trade and technology policy. Peter’s analysis and strategy helped eliminate many harmful measures from the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership. His work has yielded HIV/AIDS medicine price reductions, new state access to medicines policies and global shifts toward anti-counterfeiting policies that safeguard generic competition. Peter has provided technical assistance to international organizations and to public agencies and civil society groups in more than three dozen countries. He is a visiting fellow with the Information Society Program at Yale Law School. He obtained a J.D. from Berkeley Law School (University of California), where he was the editor of the California Law Review. He obtained a bachelor’s degree with honors in anthropology, magna cum laude, The College of William & Mary. Peter’s prior work includes cultural ethnography in South America’s Orinoco river delta and organizing campaigns for voting rights and living wages, among others. He is the co-founder of International Professional Partnerships for Sierra Leone, dedicated to supporting public sector development in one of the world’s least developed countries. Peter is a composer and performer of music.

Media Appearances:
Peter has been quoted in The New York TimesThe Wall Street JournalThe Times of IndiaThe Guardian and other major papers.