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Jonah Minkoff-Zern

Co-Director, Democracy Campaign

Jonah Minkoff-Zern is the co-director of Public Citizen’s Democracy Campaign. He has organized nationwide mobilizations to challenge ongoing threats to democracy from former President Donald Trump and his allies; coordinated grassroots activities to pass federal voting rights and democracy reforms; mobilized national action for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United; led and supported state-based efforts to win voting rights, public financing, to protect election officials and prevent artificial intelligence deepfakes in elections; and coordinated national support for the Second Chances Florida ballot initiative, which restored the eligibility to vote to Floridians with felony convictions.

Minkoff-Zern is a longtime organizer who has co-founded numerous organizations including Education Not Incarceration, which worked nationally to prevent students from being pushed out of the education system and into the prison system, and Student Alliance to Reform Corporations, a national student organization that played an important role in organizing people to protest the World Trade Organization in Seattle.