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Jason B. Adkins

Chair, Public Citizen Inc.

Jason Adkins co-founded and is an attorney for the national litigation firm Adkins, Kelston & Zavez. A consumer attorney and alum of Public Citizen, Mr. Adkins has been litigating to rein in and reform the insurance industry. He also founded and served as executive director of the Center for Insurance Research, a leading non-profit organization that conducts research and advocates on behalf of insurance policyholders nationwide. He worked for Public Citizen from 1984 to 1988, when he directed Buyers Up, a grassroots consumer energy and advocacy program.

Among his accomplishments at Adkins, Kelston & Zavez was his successful leadership of a national effort to prevent unfair mutual-to-stock (demutualizations) of major life insurance companies employing regulatory, public policy, media and litigation strategies, which resulted in the preservation of and/or fair distribution of over $200 billion for policyholders.

He has actively investigated and litigated major class action cases on behalf of consumers around the country involving a broad array of alleged misconduct by insurers. He also has litigated on behalf of non-insurance classes of consumers against pharmaceutical companies, banks, and property owners harmed by a coastal oil spill.

Mr. Adkins has represented clients before the U.S. Federal Election Commission, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the Massachusetts Board of Medicine, the Mass. Dept. of Environmental Protection, numerous state insurance and other agencies, and professional groups.

A graduate of Harvard Law school, Mr. Adkins also worked against “tort reform” in the early 1980s for the Center for the Study of Responsive Law.