Gift Stock or Appreciated Securities

Transfer stock, mutual funds or bonds to Public Citizen


Provide the following information to your stock broker:

Public Citizen Broker: Haley Kaufman
Brokerage Company: Merrill Lynch
Address: 1152 15th Street NW
City, State & Zip: Washington, DC 20005
Telephone No.: 202-659-7353
DTC No.: 8862

Which entity the gift will benefit:
Public Citizen Foundation
Account No.: 798-04A79, Tax ID: 52-1263996
Public Citizen, Inc.
Account No.: 798-07J15, Tax ID: 23-7104508

Please be sure to ask your broker to list your name and address to ensure proper acknowledgement and receipt for your records.

Gift stock certificates:

Sign the back of the certificate naming Public Citizen Foundation or Public Citizen, Inc. as the new owner. You will need to get your signature guaranteed and send it to Gift of Stock, Public Citizen, 1600 20th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009, as registered, certified mail with a return receipt requested.

Transfer mutual fund shares:

Contact your mutual fund company to obtain the form transferring your shares to Public Citizen Foundation or Public Citizen, Inc., and send a copy of the completed form to Gift of Stock, Public Citizen,1600 20th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009.

Donors and their families can receive important estate and income tax benefits.
For more information, call Amanda Fleming at 1-800-999-1906 or email

Please let Amanda know if you have included Public Citizen in your estate plans so that we can thank you now for your future support.

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