Cy Pres Awards


Cy pres awards can have a transformative effect on our ability to advocate for consumers. We welcome cy pres distributions to help us to continue and enhance our work on behalf of consumers.

The term cy pres (meaning "as near as") refers to the money that remains in a fund created by the settlement of class-action litigation, after the fund has otherwise been distributed among class members. Cy pres awards are distributed to organizations whose missions reflect the concerns of the underlying class-action case, or whose work will further the class benefits provided by a settlement. Class counsel in an individual case often has the ability to nominate charitable organizations to receive these funds.

Counsel recommends Public Citizen for cy pres awards because of the unusual breadth and depth of our advocacy work across a wide array of issues: food and drug issues, auto safety, consumer financial practices, due process/adequate notice, preserving access to courts to pursue tort claims or deceptive trade practices claims, and more.

If you have questions about whether Public Citizen might be appropriate for cy pres in a particular case, please contact Amanda Jespersen Fleming, Director of the Civil Justice Project, by phone at 202-588-7734 or by email at