Civil Justice Project

Public Citizen is leading the fight to protect consumers' access to justice. Through our Civil Justice Project, we use a three-pronged approach — legislative advocacy, litigation and research — to preserve an individual's right to seek redress through the courts.

Our Issues

Fighting Corporate Preemption Theories

Preserving Class Action Fairness

Public Citizen's attorneys have
handled several major tort preemption cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. Our lobbying team opposes legislation that would preempt consumer remedies and assists in drafting policy proposals that protect consumers' rights under both state and federal law.
Class actions often offer the only viable way to hold corporations accountable for practices that harm consumers. Public Citizen defends the right to bring a class action suit in the courts and on Capitol Hill.

Eliminating Forced Arbitration

Defending Medical Malpractice

Public Citizen fights in Congress and through the courts to eliminate forced arbitration clauses in consumer and employment contracts. Each year it becomes more difficult for victims of medical errors to obtain reasonable compensation for their injuries. Public Citizen advocates for patients' rights.

Promoting Real Financial Reform

Improving Workplace Safety

In the wake of the financial crisis, we have intensified our efforts to hold
Wall Street accountable for harmful practices and improve the regulation
f banks, credit card companies,
mortgage lenders and debt collectors.
Public Citizen has petitioned the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to set exposure standards for a number of toxic chemicals to which many workers are chronically exposed on the job.

Protecting Workers' Rights

Ensuring Safe Products

Public Citizen defends employees' rights to free speech and a fair workplace. Public Citizen also fights to protect whistleblowers and works to end retaliation against those who speak against wrongdoing by corporations and the government. A recent Public Citizen report shows 10 simple patient safety measures would save an estimated 85,000 lives and $35 billion a year. Public Citizen promotes the safety of consumer products, drugs and medical devices.