Consumer Justice

Public Citizen works to establish important legal precedents for consumer rights by handling appeals, collaborating on class action lawsuits, and filing amicus briefs. Through our Litigation Group, we defend consumers' right to access the civil justice system and advocate rules that allow people to effectively challenge unfair and deceptive practices. We also litigate constitutional issues that arise in consumer law. To read about our cases on this topic, click here.

Read the Consumer Law & Policy Blog

Launched in 2006, the blog is a great way to keep abreast of the latest developments in consumer law and policy and engage in discussions on consumer issues. The contributors are a group of law professors, public interest litigators, and private lawyers, who teach or practice consumer law. To subscribe to the blog, click here.

Federal Preemption

Public Citizen Litigation Group has been at the forefront of efforts to limit the reach of the federal preemption doctrine over state-law consumer protections. We have served as lead counsel been involved in preemption cases in the Supreme Court and in numerous cases involving the preemption doctrine in state and federal courts around the country.

For a detailed description of our past work on preemption issues, click here.

Federal Consumer Protection Statutes

From Supreme Court cases concerning the Truth in Lending Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, to federal appeals concerning the settlement of predatory lending class actions, we have experience litigating issues that arise under federal consumer protection statutes.

Descriptions of our cases in this area are here.

Class Actions

We have extensive experience in class action litigation issues, having represented both plaintiff classes and objectors in numerous class actions, including more than 30 major nationwide class action settlements.

For more information on our involvement in class action litigation, click here.

Mandatory Arbitration

The escalating use of mandatory, pre‑dispute arbitration clauses in consumer contracts is undermining the ability of consumers and employees to vindicate basic rights through the civil justice system. We have participated in several seminal arbitration cases, both in the Supreme Court and in federal courts of appeals.

For a detailed description of work on arbitration issues, click here.




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Consumer Justice
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Our lawyers go to court to establish important legal precedents for consumer rights.