Other Helpful Resources in the SUV Debate

*Public Citizen provides you with these links for information only, their inclusion here does not indicate an endorsement.

The Sierra Club’s SUV report documents the threat SUVs pose to the environmental wellbeing of the planet. This site also provides links to general information about global warming.

The Consumer’s Union SUV Rollover page gives information about the hazards SUVs pose to consumers, as well as the results of their testing of SUVs.

The Union of Concerned Scientists’ "Clean Vehicles" page looks at environmentally clean alternatives to SUVs. This site also provides in depth research on the devastating effects of SUVs’ poor fuel economy.

The U.S. Department of Energy allows viewers to search their fuel economy site to determine the specific m.p.g. rating for most makes and models of vehicles sold in the U.S. from 1985 to 2001.

The What Would Jesus Drive campaign urges Christians, and others, to contemplate the environmental impact of driving inefficient vehicles, particularly SUVs.

The Detroit Project (Americans for Fuel Efficient Cars) and their founder Arianna Huffington, sponsored ads in the beginning of 2003 asking SUV owners to examine the impact of their choice to drive SUVs on U.S. foreign policy. This website allows viewers to watch the group's controversial and thought provoking commercials, and to contact auto manufacturers about their concerns.