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Public Citizen Litigation Group, founded in 1972, is a public interest law firm that litigates cases at all levels of the federal and state judiciaries. We also have a substantial practice before federal regulatory agencies. We specialize in consumer health and safetyconsumer justice, including class actions and access to the courtsgovernment transparency, and the First Amendment, including internet free speech. These efforts are pursued through litigation and through programs such as the Supreme Court Assistance Project, and the Consumer Justice Project. We also have a substantial Supreme Court practice, having argued 64 cases before the Supreme Court.

Litigation Group Attorneys


Allison Zieve   

Staff Attorneys

Michael Kirkpatrick
Paul Alan Levy
Patrick Llewellyn
Julie Murray
Scott Nelson
Adam Pulver
Adina Rosenbaum
Sean Sherman
Rebecca Smullin

Supreme Court Assistance Project Fellow

Rylee Sommers-Flanagan

Litigation Fellow

Micah Bluming

Office Manager

Sarah Lubiner

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