Health Care Reform & Rx Drugs

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NEWThe Medicare Drug War
Public Citizen reports on how drug companies and HMOs
led an army of nearly 1,000 lobbyists to promote misguided
legislation and increase profits--June, 2004

Public Citizen has been long committed to guaranteeing all Americans access to high quality health care through a "single-payer" government-funded program such as Medicare for all. Our current legislative focus is to assist senior citizens and the disabled by opposing efforts to privatize the Medicare program and to create a comprehensive prescription drug benefit under Medicare. We are also pushing Congress to enact measures to significantly reduce the prices of brand name prescription drugs and to increase the availability of lower-cost generic drugs. Public Citizen also supports a strong Patients Bill of Rights that will give patients injured as a result of denial or delay of health care by their Health Maintenance Organization the ability to hold their HMO accountable in court. We are also fighting proposals to take away patients legal rights when injured by medical malpractice whether by doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, or drug companies. Click on the links below for information on these and other topics.