Citizens for Reliable and Safe Highways v. Mineta

Auto and Truck Safety and Related Issues
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The Department of Transportation (DOT) has agreed to issue long-overdue truck safety rules under a binding Settlement Agreement effective February 24, 2003. The DOT agreed to issue the rules after Public Citizen, Teamsters for a Democratic Union, Parents Against Tired Truckers, and Citizens for Reliable and Safe Highways sued the agency in the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington for ignoring statutes that required the agency to issue the safety rules by deadlines, some of which passed more than a decade ago. Under the Agreement, the DOT will issue final rules in five vital areas over the next 18 months, starting with hours-of-service rules to address driver fatigue, which are due to be issued by the end of May this year. The other rules address: (1) establishing minimum background checks for new commercial truck drivers; (2) setting minimum training requirements for drivers of longer-combination vehicles; (3) requiring background checks for new truck drivers; and (4) establish permitting and other requirements for commercial vehicles that transport certain hazardous materials.