Stealth PACs (2010)

In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, corporations and wealthy individuals are spending unprecedented amounts of money to sway the 2010 elections. Much of this activity is secret, with the money funneled through independent organizations that do not disclose their funding sources. This site tracks groups that are using large contributions from corporations, unions or wealthy individuals to influence the election.

Stealth PACs Blog

11/09/2010 - Updated Data Posted
11/01/2010 - New Data Posted 
10/29/2010 - American Action Network Drops Another $2M On Dems' Heads
10/28/2010 - Astroturf Maven Berman Jumps Into the Electioneering Game
10/28/2010 - Profile of Americans for Job Security Suggest Group's Own Business Motives
10/27/2010 - Election Spending by Outside Groups Is Concentrated and Hidden
10/27/2010 - Chamber Discloses Spending $140K Against Boxer
10/27/2010 - Latest Spending
10/22/2010 - Who's Funding the Stealth PACs?
10/22/2010 - New Contributions Data Posted
10/21/2010 - New Contributions Information 
10/21/2010 - Updated Data
10/20/2010 - Public Citizen Files FEC Complaint Against American Future Fund
10/20/2010 - Revised Expenditures Data Is Up
10/19/2010 - Public Citizen Unveils Database to Track Record Amounts of Secret Money Being Funneled Into November Elections

Top 10 Groups Spending During 2010 (as of 12/22/2010)*

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
American Crossroads
American Action Network Inc.
Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies
American Future Fund
Americans For Job Security (AJS)
American Fed. of State County And Municipal Employees AFL-CIO
60 Plus Association
America's Families First Action Fund
Club For Growth Action
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Groups Disclosing the Most Contributions (as of 01/05/2010)

American Crossroads
America's Families First Action Fund
Emily's List
Citizens For Strength And Security
Club For Growth Action
Women Vote
Commonsense Ten
Patriot Majority PAC
Super PAC For America
First Amendment Alliance
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* The American Action Network and U.S. Chamber of Commerce have each submitted filings that reported spending the same amount on the same date pertinent to the same candidate. Although these reports are not listed as amendments, it is plausible if not likely that these filings represent the same expenditures. Public Citizen has treated them as single expenditures to avoid double counting. If each is in fact a separate expenditure, the American Action Network’s total would increase by $4.1 million and the Chamber’s total would increase by $964,883. Additionally, in what appears to be a violation of its reporting obligations, the American Action Network did not list a candidate pertaining to 10 expenditures totaling $4.4 million. These are listed as Unknown v. Unknown in the database. Public Citizen has inquired to both groups but has not received a response.