H.R. 5:  "The Medical Liability Shield Act of 2005"

Recent Medical Malpractice Bills and Votes

S. 2207: The Mislabeled "Pregnancy and Trauma Care Access   Protection Act"

Access to Care Act of 2003

S. 11 - "Patients First Act of 2003"

Victory in the Senate!
• S. 11 Medical Malpractice Bill Defeated

Public Citizen Critique of S. 11
• Senate Medical Malpractice Legislation -- Restricts Patients’ Rights to Protect Special Interests

H.R. 5 - "Malpractice Liability Bill"

• Passed the House March 13, 2003: Click Here to See How your Representative Voted

• House Commits Malpractice Against Medical Victims
Statement by Public Citizen President Joan Claybrook
on House Passage of Medical Malpractice Legislation, H.R. 5. March 13, 2003

Public Citizen Critique of H.R. 5:
• H.R. 5 and Medical Malpractice: Congress Should Act to Reduce Medical Errors, Not Reduce Compensation to Injured Patients