Write a Letter to the Editor: New Deal or No Deal on Transpacific Partnership!

On June 14th the Obama administration will host round two of negotiations for what could be the President's first trade deal: the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP. Whether TPP talks will translate President Obama's fair trade commitments depends on you! The usual corporate interests are digging in to block true reforms, so spreading the word is crucial to holding Obama to his fair trade commitments.

TAKE ACTION: Use the form below to write a letter to the editor of your local paper reminding the Obama administration that we need a wholly new deal that works for working people and the environment, or there'll be no deal on the TPP!

Just type in your zip code, select the paper you would like to submit your letter to, and use our talking points (on the right side of the page after you select your paper) to help you write. Remember to keep it short and to the point. The more personalized you make it, the better, and the more likely it is to be published!