Transparency Letter And List Of Signatories

Mr. Roberto Betacourt Ruales

Vice Minister of Foreign Relations of Ecuador

Chair, FTAA Trade Negotiations Committee

Dear Mr. Betancourt:

We write to you as representatives of civil-society organizations throughout the Americas concerned about the potential impacts of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) on our respective societies, economies and environments. We urge you to take steps to increase the transparency of the FTAA negotiations so that there can be a true public debate on the proposed accord.

We welcomed the publication of the draft FTAA text in July 2001, as well as the additional information provided by some governments.

Many of us have been studying that information with great interest and have discussed our concerns with our governments and peoples. We have found it very difficult, however, to arrive at definitive conclusions on the meaning of the text because in most cases there are various competing bracketed proposals on any given issue. We do understand that these issues are still being discussed in the negotiations, but the fact that the bracketed proposals do not identify which countries have presented the various proposals makes it impossible for us to know which proposals our respective governments support and therefore greatly undermine our efforts to engage in an informed debate.

We urge you to publish the current draft of the FTAA text, with notes identifying the countries making or supporting each of the proposals in brackets, at the ministerial meeting in Quito at the end of this month. We also request that the TNC instruct the governments participating in the negotiations to publish their own negotiating proposals. These two steps would greatly increase the transparency of the negotiations and facilitate an informed public debate on economic integration in the Americas.


Acción para La Comunidad y La Ecología en Las Regiones de
Centroamericana (ACERCA) – USA
ACT UP Philadelphia – USA
Alianza Chilena por un Comercio Justo y Responsable -Chile
Alianza Social Continental - Capitulo Perú – Peru
Alliance for Responsible Trade - USA
American Friends Service Committee- USA
American Lands Alliance – USA
Asia-Pacific Environmental Exchange (APEX) – USA
Asociacion de Trabajadores del Estado -Argentina

Associação Brazileira do Ensino de Psicologia Brazil - Brazil

ATALC / Friends of the Earth Latin America and the Caribbean - Regional

Border Ecology Project – USA

California Fair Trade Campaign – USA

Campaign for Labor Rights – USA

Campanha Jubileu Sul / Brazil – Brazil

Campaña Ecuatoriana contra el ALCA - Ecuador

Campaña Peruana contra el ALCA - Perú

Center for Economic Justice, New Mexico – USA

Center of Concern – USA

Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) - Bolivia

Centro de Educação Popular do Instituto SEDES Sapientiae - Brazil

Centro de Estudios Internacionales Grupo Miembro de COMPA - Nicaragua

Centro Memorial Dr. MartinLuther King, Jr - Cuba

Citizens Trade Campaign – USA

Círculo Político-Cultural Enrico Berlinguer

Comite en Solidaridad con el Pueblo Salvadoreno – USA

Common Frontiers Canadá - Canadá

Consejo de Canadienses/Council of Canadians - Canadá

CONAIE Confederación de Nacionalidades Indígenas del Ecuador - Ecuador

Confederacion de Trabajadores de la Educacion de la Republica – Argentina

Confédération des Syndicats Nationaux, CSN - Québec, Canada

CONFEUNASSC-CNC (Confederación Nacional Campesina del Ecuador) - Ecuador

Consumidores por el Desarrollo - Peru

Convergencia de Movimientos de los Pueblos de las Américas (COMPA) – Regional

Central de Trabajadores Argentinos (CTA) - Argentina

Cumberland Countians for Peace & Justice – USA

Centro Unido dos Trabalhadores (CUT) - Brazil

Development GAP - USA

El Ají - Colectivo por Otra Democracia

Economic Justice – USA

ECUARUNARI Confederación de Pueblos de la Nacionalidad Kichwa - Ecuador

Florida Fair Trade Campaign – USA

Escuela Sindical Primero de Mayo - Bolivia

Federação de Sindicatos de Engenheiros - Brazil

Federação dos Trabalhadores Metalúrgicos- RS-Brazil

Federação Nacional dos Metalúrgicos da CUT- Brazil

Federacion de Trabajadores de la Industria - Argentina

Federacion de Trabajadores de la Energia - Argentina

Federación de Trabajadores Fabriles de Cochabamba. - Bolivia

Federacion Judicial Argentina - Argentina

Fórum Colombia - Colombia

Friends of the Earth – USA

Fuerza Bolivariana de Trabajadores

Fundacion para el Desarrollo Integral del Sur de Zacatecas, A.C

Fundación Solón - Bolivia

Global Exchange – USA

Grassroots International – USA

Greater Kansas City Fair Trade Coalition – USA

Grito dos Excluídos

Grupo Género y Economía.

Headlines Theatre, Vancouver - Canada

Health GAP (Global Access Project) – USA


Indiana Alliance for Democracy – USA

Indiana Fair Trade Campaign – USA

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) – USA

Institute for Policy Studies, Global Economy Project - USA

Instituto de Políticas Alternativas para o Cone Sul - Brazil

Public Services International (PSI) – Interamerican Region

International Environmental Policy and Development – USA

International Labor Rights Fund – USA

Justice and Witness Ministries – USA

Kairos - Canada

Marcha Mundial das Mulheres - Brazil

Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns USA

Minnesota Fair Trade Coalition

Missouri Rural Crisis Center

MST - Brazil

Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala USA

Ohio Fair Trade Campaign USA

Oxfam América - USA

Partido Comunista do Brazil - Brazil

Plataforma en Lucha contra el ALCA/COMPA- Costa Rica

Plataforma Peruana de Derechos Humanos, Democracia y Desarrollo

Plate-forme haïtienne de Plaidoyer pour un Développement

Alternatif (PAPDA) Haiti

PSTU- Brazil

Public Citizen USA

Quixote Center/Quest for Peace USA

Red Peru Jubileo 2000.

Red Sinti Techan de El Salvador

Rede Brazileira Pela Integração dos Povos REBRIP / Brazil

Rede Brazileira sobre Instituições Multilaterais - Brazil

Rede de Solidariedade Internacional Brazil

REDES Amigos de la Tierra – Latin America

Resource Center of the Americas – USA

Sacramento Activists for Democratic Trade Sacramento – USA

Serviço Pastoral dos Migrantes - Brazil

Sierra Club – USA

Sindicato dos Metalúrgicos de São José dos Campos e Região - Brazil

Sindicatos Nacional dos Docentes das Instituições de Ensino Superior - Brazil

Sisters of the Holy Cross – USA

Southwest Ohio Green Party – USA

Tennessee Industrial Renewal Network (TIRN) – USA

Texas Fair Trade Coalition – USA

The SHARE Foundation – USA

U.S./Labor Education in the Americas Project (LEAP) – USA

UNES- Unidad Ecologica Salvadoreña - El Salvador

União Nacional dos Estudantes (UNE) - Brazil

Unión Democrática de Organizaciones Sociales - Mexico

United Auto Workers (UAW) – USA

United Church of Christ – USA

United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America (UE) – USA

United for a Fair Economy – USA

United Trauma Relief – USA

Upper West Side -- Tipitapa Sister City Project – USA

U. S.-El Salvador Sister Cities – USA

ViequeSol: Solidarity with Vieques – USA

Via Campesina - Brazil

Western N.Y. Council on Occupational Safety & Health (WNYCOSH) – USA

Wisconsin Fair Trade Campaign – USA

Women's EDGE – USA