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Jay Nixon (MO-Gov):

Date posted: August 22, 2008. Ad transcript:


For 12 years, Congressman Kenny Hulshof has been part of the problem in Washington, voting for unfair trade deals and tax breaks that help companies move jobs overseas. The result? Missouri has the highest unemployment in a decade. As governor, Jay Nixon will help companies that keeps jobs here.




John Dingell (MI-15):

Date posted: July 28, 2008. Ad transcript:


"Michigan's been slammed, and Washington stood by and watched our jobs get shipped overseas." [...] John Dingell: our strongest ally against unfair trade.




Jack Davis (NY-26 primary):

Ad transcript:


"I lost my job."
"What happened?"
"They say it's cheaper to do the work in China."
...[Davis] George Bush and his free-trade policies are responsible for tragedies like this.




Paul Ryan (WI-01):

Date posted: October 15, 2008. Ad transcript:


Like me, are you frustrated with the problems no one's fixing? ...We're shipping our jobs overseas instead of our products.


Ad transcript:


People are hurting because American companies benefit by shipping jobs overseas. This tractor's built right here in Racine; this one comes from Japan. But when it comes to federal taxes, those taxes made overseas are not taxed. So companies build overseas. That's not fair. So I have a plan to fix it. American companies should benefit when they keep jobs here... instead of exporting jobs, we should be exporting American products.




David Obey (WI-07):

Date posted: October 23, 2008. Ad transcript:


We need to put tax cuts for the middle class ahead of corporate giveaways and job-killing trade deals like NAFTA.




George Fearing (WA-04):

Date posted: August 5, 2008. Ad transcript:


Our congressman has approved trade policies that have stolen hundreds of thousands of jobs from hard-working American families, such as jobs here at Western RV.




Ben Westlund (OR state treasurer):

Date posted: October 29, 2008. Ad transcript:


[Opponent Allen Alley] says he created jobs in Oregon, but really he outsourced jobs to China.