Paid Trade Ads: House Races (North Carolina-Ohio)

Total House ads: 74 ads

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Roy Carter (NC-05):

Date posted: August 27, 2008. Ad transcript:


"We need to bring jobs back, Coach Carter!"
[Carter] "That's priority number one. We must bring those jobs back, and quit giving tax breaks to the companies that ship our jobs overseas!"




Larry Kissell (NC-08):

Date posted: July 24, 2008. Ad transcript:


[onscreen text: "Ban Bad Trade Deals"]


Date posted: August 12, 2008. Ad transcript:


Since [Hayes] went to Washington, over 60,000 jobs have left because of bad trade deals.


Larry Kissell/DCCC (NC-08):

Date aired: September 5, 2008. Ad transcript:


Robin Hayes must have his head in the clouds. He seems to think George Bush's economic policy is working. Hayes voted to give $40 billion to companies that ship jobs overseas, and for the CAFTA trade deal. Now, North Carolina's lost 30,000 manufacturing jobs.


Date posted: October 10, 2008. Ad transcript:


In these troubled times, the facts speak from themselves... North Carolina's losing jobs. Robin Hayes voted for unfair trade deals like CAFTA.


Date posted: October 28, 2008. Ad transcript:


Robin Hayes supported unfair trade deals that have cost North Carolina thousands of jobs. Larry Kissell is a former mill worker and high school teacher who will fight to create jobs here in North Carolina, and he opposes unfair trade deals.




Patrick McHenry (NC-10):

Date posted: October 31, 2008. Ad transcript:


In tough economic times, the choice for Congress is clear. Patrick McHenry voted against every unfair trade deal. Daniel Johnson supports labor policies that will send more jobs to China.




Steve Driehaus/DCCC (OH-01):

Date posted: September 16, 2008. Ad transcript:


Ohioans are ready for change: change from George Bush's economic policies that hurt the middle class, like unfair trade deals that ship Ohio jobs overseas. [onscreen text: "Chabot voted for CAFTA tradel deal"]


Date posted: October 20, 2008. Ad transcript:


Steve Chabot supported tax breaks for Wall Street. He supported the bad trade deals, the record deficits, tax breaks for companies sending jobs overseas...




Sharen Neuhardt (OH-07):

Date posted: October 13, 2008. Ad transcript:


"We had jobs here. Steve Austria did nothing, and now they're here." [holds up sign saying "CHINA"]
"We had jobs here. But Steve Austria sat by, and now they're here." [holds up sign saying "FRANCE"]
"Steve Austria did nothing; now they're here." [holds up sign saying "MEXICO"]




Steve Austria (OH-07):

Date posted: October 13, 2008. Ad transcript:


Neuhardt made a career in a law firm that advises companies how to outsource jobs. That means less American jobs.




John Boccieri (OH-16):

Date posted: February 22, 2008. Ad transcript:


In Congress, John Boccieri will... fight against trade policies that ship our jobs overseas.




Kirk Schuring (OH-16):

Date posted: September 30, 2008. Ad transcript:


I have a plan to fix our economy that includes... fairer trade policies that will create jobs.