Paid Trade Ads: House Races (Minnesota-New York)

Total House ads: 74 ads

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Ashwin Madia (MN-03):

Date posted: September 29, 2008. Ad transcript:


Eric Paulsen voted to let corporations set up dummy offshore headquarters to avoid Minnesota taxes.


Date posted: October 13, 2008. Ad transcript:


Here [drawing of tropical island], corporations set up dummy headquarters to avoid their taxes. Eric Paulsen votes here [map of Minnesota], but voted to let state contracts go to offshore corporations. Yup, he let our tax dollars go to tax-dodging companies.


Date posted: October 24, 2008. Ad transcript:


Eric Paulsen voted to give tax breaks to companies that moved overseas... and he supports more deficit spending, which means more debt to China.




Travis Childers (MS-01):

Date posted: March 24, 2008. Ad transcript:


[Childers] is working to create good jobs here. Childers will oppose bad trade deals that cost us jobs.


Date posted: April 11, 2008. Ad transcript:


I'm Travis Childers; this is where I stand. I'll work to create jobs across north Mississippi. I'll opppose any free trade deal that costs us jobs.




Joel Gill (MS-03):

Date posted: October 10, 2008. Ad transcript:


Free trade agreements have cost Mississippi thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in lost wages and payroll taxes. We can't allow them to continue without proper oversight. As part of the R-CALF USA CAFTA Fact-Finding Team, I opposed that bad deal.




Judy Baker (MO-09):

Date posted: September 24, 2008. Ad transcript:


"I think we should reward companies that keep jobs right here." [onscreen text: "Made In America Tax Break"]


Date posted: October 6, 2008. Ad transcript:


Judy Baker's fighting for a Made In America tax break to keep jobs here.




Dina Titus (NV-03):

(not available online)

Ad transcript (source: Megan McCloskey, "Titus ad connects Porter to Bush fiscal policies," Las Vegas Sun, Oct. 8, 2008):


Had enough? Enough lost jobs. Enough foreclosures. Enough lost savings. Jon Porter is part of the problem. He sided with Bush to give corporations tax breaks to send jobs overseas, to let big oil keep gas prices high, and for lax regulations that created our financial crisis.




Mike Arcuri (NY-24):

Ad transcript:


A lot of good people used to earn their living in places just like this one [gestures to closed factory]. But when the factories closed, they were out of work. We need to do better by hardworking New Yorkers who spend their whole lives playing by the rules. I'll stand up to President Bush and say no to trade deals that send our jobs overseas.




Dan Maffei (NY-25):

Date posted: July 21, 2008. Ad transcript:


This parking lot used to be full of people coming to work. Today, it's full of weeds. What did Washington do? They gave a tax break to companies that sent these jobs to China. I'm running for Congress to change that: keep our jobs here, and create new ones by investing in the businesses and the people that make this place so special.




Alice Kryzan (NY-26):

Date posted: March 16, 2008. Ad transcript:


I want our trade deals to be fair for American workers and American families.


Alice Kryzan/DCCC (NY-26):

Date posted: September 20, 2008. Ad transcript:


NAFTA has already cost New York over 50,000 jobs. But congressional candidate Chris Lee chose to employ labor in China - work that could have been done right here.


Date posted: October 3, 2008. Ad transcript:


Congressional candidate Chris Lee hid the facts about his company employing labor in China.


Date posted: October 15, 2008. Ad transcript:


Unfair trade costing U.S. jobs. But Chris Lee employed labor in China, work that could have been done here.


Date posted: October 30, 2008. Ad transcript:


Chris Lee won't protect our jobs. He employed labor in China... Alice Kryzan has a plan to cut taxes for middle-class families and companies that create jobs here.




Eric Massa (NY-29):

Date posted: September 22, 2008. Ad transcript:


Forty thousand New Yorkers have lost their jobs under President Bush's trade policy. That's 40,000 families, 40,000 paychecks, 40,000 dreams put on hold. Randy Kuhl took a million dollars from corporate interests and stood with George Bush on every major vote to outsource our jobs.


Eric Massa/DCCC (NY-29):

Date posted: October 14, 2008. Ad transcript:


One million dollars: that's how much Randy Kuhl took from corporate special interests in campaign contributions. Six: that's how many times Randy Kuhl voted for George Bush's trade deals. Unfair trade agreements, like CAFTA, that outsourced American jobs. Fifty thousand: that's how many jobs NAFTA has cost New York. The numbers don't lie. It's time for change.