FTAA Action Points


Here’s how YOU can be part of the citizen’s campaign to stop the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) NAFTA Expansion:

Spread the word about FTAA NAFTA expansion!  Share information on FTAA with your friends, family and activist allies. Plan Teach-Ins and panel discussions at your school or in your community to get the word out!

Ask your elected officials about FTAA and Fast Track! Write to your Senators and Member of Congress to expose their FTAA ignorance, forcing them to learn enough to answer your questions on this sneak attack on democracy, labor and human rights standards, the environment, and public health and safety. Don’t forget: your Member of Congress generally is at home every Friday through Monday, often with open office hours or at public events where you can meet them and ask questions.

Get published in your local paper!  Write op-ed pieces and letters to the editor to your hometown paper, community newsletter, university paper, etc.

Make your voice heard on the airwaves!  Talk radio shows are a great popular education opportunity! Participate in local call-in and talk radio shows to get the word out about FTAA NAFTA expansion, or convince your local stations to air pieces and debates on FTAA.

Get Active!  Encourage all fair trade, labor and human rights, environmental and economic justice groups with which you’re affiliated to get involved in the FTAA NAFTA expansion campaign. Local protests, rallies and community or organizational meetings are great leafletting and organizing opportunities. Get involved with local groups fighting corporate globalization and "free" trade.

Stay Connected!  There’s lots of information on the FTAA online, and you can link to much of it from our website at www.tradewatch.org. Find sample letters to the editor, op-eds and letters to Congress and subscribe to our fair trade email listserve, with news on the latest trade developments around the country and throughout the hemisphere.

Contact us for more information! gtwfield@citizen.org