River Bend, Louisiana

*Reactor Canceled*


On January 9, 2009 Entergy Nuclear informed the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) that they would no longer pursue a license for a GE-Hitachi Economic Simplified Boiling-Water Reactor (ESBWR). As a result, the NRC has suspended review of its application to construct and operate a new reactor.


On September 22, 2005, Entergy Corporation announced it will seek a permit to construct and operate a new nuclear reactor at its River Bend Station site located near St. Francisville, Louisiana. The company already owns and operates one reactor at the site.

Entergy submitted its application for a Combined Operating License (COL) to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) on September 25, 2008. The application seeks approval to build and operate one Economic Simplified Boiling-Water Reactor (ESBWR). The GE-Hitachi reactor is not currently certified. GE-Hitachi submitted the reactor design for consideration in 2005. The regulatory review is expected to take approximately three years, and construction is expected to take about four years. The best-case scenario (from Entergy’s perspective) would see the new reactor operational in 2015.

To view Entergy's application, click here.

The application is one of three that Entergy is involved in. The others are through the NuStart Energy Development consortium at the Grand Gulf site in Port Gibson, Mississippi, where Entergy is seeking an Early Site Permit to environmentally qualify the site for a new nuclear reactor, and at the Bellefonte site in Alabama, owned by the Tennessee Valley Authority.

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