Select Documents on Public Citizen’s Work to

Challenge Deregulation

Public Citizen has strongly challenged electricity deregulation. Depsite consumer opposition to deregulation and the hard lessons learned in California, 23 states have "restructured" their electricity sectors. As a result, prices in deregulated states are higher and continue to climb faster than states that remained regulated, as wholesale competition has failed to materialize.

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The Failure of Electricity Deregulation: History Status and Needed Reforms (10/08)

Blackout Demonstrates Vulnerability of Nuclear Plants and Failure of Electricity Deregulation (9/03)

Blind Faith: How Deregulation and Enron’s Influence Over Government Looted Billions from Americans (12/01)

Electric Utility Deregulation and the Myths of the Energy Crisis (12/01)

It’s Greed Stupid!Debunking the Ten Myths of Utility Deregulation (1/01)

Disastrous Deregulation (12/00)