The Fatal Flaws of Nuclear Power

Costly nuclear power poses unnecessary safety and environmental risks, is heavily dependent on taxpayer and ratepayer subsidies, and generates deadly radioactive waste. Building new nuclear power plants will also not effectively address climate change. To learn about the myriad issues associated with nuclear power, explore our educational fact sheet series:

The Fatal Flaws of Nuclear Power Fact Sheets

This series of educational fact sheets about nuclear power is aimed at refuting some of the central arguments that nuclear power advocates use when advancing their message. Specifically, there are six key reasons why nuclear power is not a solution to the United States’ energy needs: cost, security, safety, waste, proliferation and it will not address climate change.

The subject of nuclear power is making news headlines, but missing from the public debate are many of the facts. The same company executives and members of Congress repeat their message over and over, but that message must be dissected to ensure it’s accurate.

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