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RedGE: Why a compulsory license for the antiretroviral atazanavir is important in Peru (en español)

Peruvian court: Ministry of Health must answer compulsory license request


"In Peru, we have obtained one of the best prices in the region for lopinavir + ritonavir, through the availability of generics and competitive bidding.  But this situation could be changed by new patent applications.  The global campaign enables us to join forces to prevent patent-based monopolies, avoiding catastrophic effects for access to antiretroviral medicines." 

-- Javier Llamoza, Health Action International Latin America-Carribean 


Peru benefits from generic competition in the market for lopinavir + ritonavir, and has achieved comparatively low prices of $396 per patient per year. While this has enabled the government to provide treatment to over 3,000 patients a year, there is concern that Abbott is seeking a monopoly on lopinavir + ritonavir, as it has registered several patent applications claiming some relation to the medicine.

Health Action International Latin America and PROSA sent a letter to Abbott and the Ministry of Health expressing their concern and asking Abbott to retract its patent applications. Activists also participated in a demonstration before the Ministry of Health.

See the letter to Abbott Laboratories here (in Spanish)

Demonstration for the global day of action (11/10/11)




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