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Use Your Voice to Help End the Epidemic of Preventable Medical Errors

Preventable medical errors hurt hundreds of thousands of Americans every year.

Many people suffer unspeakable pain, become disabled, lose their livelihoods and sometimes even their lives because of these medical errors.

If you or someone close to you has suffered from a medical mistake, we want to hear your story. Please complete the survey questions below and tell us what happened.

Your story will help us give voice to the millions who suffer because of the silent epidemic of preventable medical errors. Real stories from real people can have a powerful impact on members of Congress, many of whom simply don't understand the effect medical errors have on the lives of their constituents. Though patient safety is an issue that seldom makes headlines, you can have a huge impact by sharing your experience. 

But with your help, we can get Congress to pay attention to this increasingly urgent issue.

Public Citizen does not give out personal medical advice, refer people to class action lawsuits or get involved in individual cases. If you have questions about this survey, please send an email to We will not share any information about you without your permission.