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We can't match the hundreds of millions that prescription drug corporations' spend on lobbying, but we can use people power to hold policymakers and corporations accountable and increase access to affordable medicines. So what can you do?

Join us and many partners at Affordable Medicines Now:

Join our movement for affordable medicines to take action with Public Citizen (click here) and check out these materials to learn more about why prescription drug prices are so high and what you can do:


Resources for Drug Pricing Reform in the U.S.: 

Fact Sheet on Affordable Meds Act

As the most comprehensive bill introduced in the U.S. for tackling high drug prices, the Affordable Meds Act (full name: Improving Access to Affordable Prescription Drugs Act) would change the rules to help make medicines affordable for everyone. It is one of the best tools for us to envision and advocate for a better system where people's lives are valued over profits.

Public Citizen's Affordable Meds Now Action Toolkit

Let's amplify the voices of the American public, who say that it’s unfair when drug corporations price medicines out of reach. Using the messaging, tactics, and guides in the toolkit, you can mobilize from anywhere in the country to stand up for affordable medicines. Tactics include town hall advocacy, writing letters to the editor, social media samples, and sample phone banking language. Recently featured as a part of MoveOn's resistance recess.

Write a Letter to the Editor

By following this worksheet step-by-step, you can draft your own letter to the editor for a local newspaper. Feel free to send a draft or ask for assistance at medsaccess@citizen.org.

Hold a Meeting with your Elected Officials (Guide)

Meeting an elected official can seem like a daunting task, but lobbyists do it every day in Washington, outspending our movement by hundreds of millions of dollars per year. One thing the corporations don’t have is the backing of the people. Our guide gives you some tips, tricks, and sample agendas to use when setting up a citizen lobby visit.

Leave behind for Affordable Meds Act

If you're planning to meet your Senators or Representative and talk about issues that are important to you, take this version of our fact sheet along and ask your elected officials to co-sponsor and support the Affordable Meds Act.