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The "Don't Get Rolled!" roundup

In the streets and on the Web, activists made it clear yesterday that there is strong opposition to allowing increased corporate influence on our elections. As the Supreme Court considered this decision that could seriously undermine our democracy in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (a.k.a. the “Hillary: The Movie” case), we heard from you.

Here are some highlights:

In Boise, Idaho, where activists and concerned citizens gathered at the state capitol:

Boise Rally 

In Hamilton, New York, where the Democracy Matters chapter at Colgate University and concerned citizens rallied in front of their local post office:

Hamilton Rally Sept. 9 09_crop

Joan Mandle (second from left in the picture) said: ” To contemplate that the Supreme Court would make it easier for corporations to influence political decisions through huge campaign contributions is horrifying. Money has no place as the determinant of who gets elected. We need elections not auctions! We strongly support a public  financing option for members of Congress so they no longer have to depend on special interests to win office.”

In Austin, Texas, the Daily Texan’s Regan Mathias reported on the protest there:

Nine Austin residents gathered at the Capitol on Wednesday morning to rally against the possible outcome of a Supreme Court hearing that would allow more leverage for corporations in political campaigns.


Public Citizen, a national nonprofit public interest group, organized the rally because officials said they fear a ruling in favor of Citizens United could possibly give corporations more leverage is raising funds for political campaigns.

We’re still waiting to hear how things went in other parts of the country. If you have a picture, video or story to share, please send it to action@citizen.org.