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Of heat waves, climate change and a clean energy future

It’s been hot on the East Coast this past week. As they tend to do, the recent heat waves have intensified the national discussion about climate change. Of course most scientists agree that there is no clear correlation between the 103-degree weather Central Park visitors experienced on Tuesday and the effects of greenhouse gases.

That is not to say they do not continue to agree on climate change. According to a recent study, over 97% of climatologists and scientists studying related fields agree that climate change, caused by human activity,  is real. Yet, just as the snowstorms East Coast citizens experienced this past winter did not help climate change skeptics gain any credibility, the recent heat does little to support the climate change theory.

The reaction by many to these “extreme” weather events does highlight something important, however. People respond most to big rapidly developing disasters. Events that take years to occur are less likely to get as much attention. This is why our BP Boycott is so important. We need to make the most of the Gulf Coast disaster in our quest to end the use of fossil fuels. We are finally in a position where we can force legislators to make a serious effort to move our country away from fossil fuels. (Tell President Obama and Congress to permanently ban offshore drilling.) An America driven by clean energy is in our sights. As important as it is, the BP Boycott is really just the beginning.

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