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Take action: Demand Congress put consumers first

Photo by Alyssa Wolice

At a time when Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke described the current state of the nation’s economy as unlike any crisis in America’s history, it’s not surprising that Americans find little comfort in the idea of spending $700 billion to clean up after those who put their own greed above the well being of taxpayers in the first place.

And yet, Wall Street firms want Congress to rush approval of an economic plan that will reach deep into the pockets of future generations of Americans and cost families up to $10,000 per household. Shouldn’t our nation’s leaders slow down before billions of taxpayer dollars are haphazardly spent on financial companies that have yet to be named?

Congress should not rush through a plan just so members can return to their election campaigns. That is why Public Citizen teamed up with Consumer Watchdog to demand that our leaders develop a better cure for our nation’s economy.

The government’s plan to solve the economic crisis was put together in just a matter of days and could easily put our hard-earned taxpayer dollars at risk. As Public Citizen President Joan Claybrook (pictured above) stated:

Rushing through a $700 billion package will blow open the doors of the Treasury for unprecedented graft and corruption. Congress must put their constituents’ interest ahead of their own political agendas.

Take action now by joining the fight to let your voice be heard over the greed of Wall Street firms. Sign our petition and demand that Congress put consumers first.