Sept. 30, 2015

Public Citizen Experts Are at TPP Negotiations in Atlanta, Can Keep You Updated on the Talks

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Contact: Peter Maybarduk,, (202) 390-5375
Burcu Kilic,
Melinda St. Louis,, (202) 441-7579

WHAT: Public Citizen experts are at the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations in Atlanta, Ga., and are available for interviews. The experts can explain how the TPP would dramatically increase the cost of medicines and delay access to affordable treatments, threaten Internet freedoms and privacy, restrict access to knowledge online and offline, empower corporations to attack our environmental and health safeguards, and more.

Follow @burcuno and @PCmedsaccess for live Twitter updates. Please contact one of the experts above for an interview. If you would like to get in touch with international allies or local anti-TPP activists, please contact Mina Itabashi at or (510) 220-6528.

WHEN: Wednesday, Sept. 30 and Thursday, Oct. 1

WHERE: Atlanta, Ga.

WHO: Peter Maybarduk, director, Public Citizen’s Global Access to Medicines Program
Burcu Kilic, legal counsel, Public Citizen’s Global Access to Medicines Program
Melinda St. Louis, international campaigns director, Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch