Oct. 28, 2005

Libby Indictment Shines Light on Moral Bankruptcy and Hypocrisy of White House

Statement of Joan Claybrook, President, Public Citizen

Today’s indictment of a top Bush administration official shines a bright light on the moral bankruptcy and hypocrisy of this White House. President Bush’s cronies went to unprecedented lengths to twist the truth about the reasons for invading Iraq and then threatened national security simply to punish a respected public servant who dared to expose the sham. These arrogant officials thought they could smear their opponents and leave no fingerprints. Fortunately for the country, this time, a top official has been caught. This ethically deprived government has sunk into a morass of its own lies.

It’s time for Bush administration officials to be held personally responsible for their shameful deceptions. Even as the special counsel’s investigation continues, Congress should put aside partisanship and immediately launch hearings into not only the cynical outing of an undercover CIA agent by officials at the highest levels of government but also into the lies against the American people that took us to war.

Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald is a modern day Eliot Ness, independently tracking down the truth and bringing an indictment for knowing perjury and obstruction of justice. He helps revive the public belief in the rule of law.