January 1 - Missed Deadline for Start of CAFTA Underlines the NAFTA Record and Threats of its Expansion

Washington, D.C. – The myth that people in Central America were clamoring for the controversial expansion of NAFTA – purveyed by corporate and Bush administration CAFTA supporters – has been refuted yet again.

Days before the Central America Free Trade Agreement was to go into effect, news reports indicate that several of the CAFTA countries’ parliaments – confronted by the reality of having to make far-reaching, retrograde changes to public health and other domestic laws required by the commercial agreement – are reluctant to actually implement the deal. In Costa Rica’s case, the Congress is simply unwilling to ratify the controversial agreement.

In reaction, the Bush administration has decided to delay the planned January 1, 2006 implementation until it can push through the anti-public interest changes to each Central American country’s domestic laws.

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