• Mueller's report must be made public

    Now that a summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report has been released, the Department of Justice must release its findings to the public. Our democracy depends on it. Contact your member of Congress today

  • Moratorium on opioid approvals is urgently needed

    The FDA must halt approval of all new opioid drugs until the agency takes immediate steps to prevent additional opioids from flooding the market, Public Citizen and an FDA chair demanded in a petition. Learn more. Listen to the press conference

  • Trump's veto shows his true authoritarian colors

    While President Donald Trump has vetoed Congress' rebuke of his fake national emergency, Public Citizen continues its lawsuit against the increasingly authoritarian administration. Learn more

  • Consumer protection enforcement plummets under Trump

    Law enforcement activity at three large U.S. consumer protection agencies has fallen sharply under the "tough-on-crime" president – evidence that the White House continues to put corporate interests ahead of the middle class. Learn more

  • For The People Act takes us one step closer to restoring democracy

    With the U.S. House passing H.R. 1, it's important to remember who democracy is here to serve: the people.  View our video and read more