• 'From Hackers With Love:' What would an election hack look like?

    Verified Voting, the Brennan Center and Public Citizen will hold a telepresser on Monday, Oct. 15 to discuss how hackers might targer voter rolls in November, what signs to look for and how to respond. Learn more

  • A 'Goliath-managed parallel health care universe'

    Public Citizen reacts to the Justice Department's approval of CVS' $69 billion purchase of Aetna. Read more

  • Study: Medicare-for-All foes pack serious lobbying power

    As the idea of a Medicare-for-All system gains tracking with the public, proponents will likely face a lobbying blockade from insurers, big pharma and hospitals. Learn more

  • Clinic fabricated info to make illegal, deadly cancer treatment appear safe

    A Florida medical center falsified scientific citations in the advertisement and promotion of an illegal heart-toxic drug for treatment of cancer, Public Citizen found. Learn more

  • Join Public Citizen at our all-star comedy benefit on October 28 in Los Angeles!

    Our line-up includes Bill Burr, Jimmy O. Yang, Eliza Skinner and more! Learn more about the performers and purchase your tickets.