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We can’t fix the climate crisis if we aren’t talking about it


We face an existential threat. Record-breaking heat waves, supercharged storms, crippling droughts and massive chunks of melting ice raising the sea levels: climate disruption is already happening. Before the end of this century, it could pose an existential threat even to developed nations like the United States.

We can fix it with a robust climate movement. We have great solutions to prevent the worst harms, but we lack the political will to enact them. We need a bigger, stronger, more diverse, and more mainstream climate movement to win the assertive policies we need, fast.

Better media coverage will fuel a stronger climate movement. A vastly louder, better public conversation will help us build the climate movement we need. Media outlets should be covering the climate crisis and solutions every day. But only 43 percent of Americans report hearing about climate change in the news at least once a month. Only 19 percent report hearing people they know talk about it once a month, adn 28 percent say they never hear about it.

We can fix this. To beat climate change, we'll end climate silence.

The Project

We will push news outlets to provide frequent, if not daily, coverage of the climate crisis, its implications for our way of life, and the solutions available to avoid climate catastrophe and adapt to the disruption from global warming that is already locked in.

We are monitoring and holding accountable the outlets that are failing the public – and amplifying the coverage that gets it right!

Join the Cover Climate Team!

• Help with multiple rapid-response actions each week.
• Write letters to the editor and pitch stories to your local media outlets.
• Participate in weekly check-ins, receive ongoing tools and webinars to strength your media activism.
• Monitor and report back on climate coverage in your local media.

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Carbon Omission: How the U.S. Media Underreported Climate Change in 2017

Public Citizen analysis shows the major U.S. media outlets largely failed to connect climate change to extreme weather events amid a year of record hurricanes, droughts and disease.

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Silent Protest: U.S. Media Coverage of Demonstrations Surrounding U.N. Climate Talks Abroad

Public Citizen examined 15 media outlets covering COPs held between 2010 and 2016.  The analysis found that major U.S. media rarely cover some of the most significant international climate demonstrations or the solidarity actions that accompany them in the U.S.

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Storm of Silence: Media Coverage of Climate Change and Hurricane Harvey

Public Citizen examined Hurricane Harvey coverage and found that major news outlets are falling far short of connecting climate to extreme weather events. 

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Featured Action

Tell ABC to Break the Silence on Climate Change