The soil, water and air of the entire area around the Coca-Cola factory in Plachimada, India, have become contaminated since the corporate arrival in 1998. Bore wells have gone dry. Available water in the locality has become unusable and undrinkable.

Coca-Cola currently extracts illegally water daily from more than 6 bore wells The corporation is also pumping waste water into dry bore wells within the corporate premises for disposing solid waste. Earlier, the company dumped waste material outside their property, which during the rainy season spread into paddy fields, canals and wells, causing serious health hazards.

An estimated 2,000 families are affected by Coca-Cola’s thirst for profit and sources used for local agricultural production has run dry due to the pollution and heavy withdrawal from groundwater sources. To calm local villagers and farmers Coca-Cola now sends water trucks to supply the basic water needs in the villages.

Local farmers and villagers protesting the factory’s existence have been met with mass arrests. In the past year over 300 activists have been arrested at mass rallies.

In October 2003, the local council threatened to cancel the operation of 65 bore holes where Coca-Cola draws up to 1million gallons of water a day. The case was heard at a lower court in November 2003 where the judge deemed the information "incomplete and unsatisfactory" and threatened the complete shut down of the corporate adventure. The final outcome is pending.

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