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Public Citizen Challenges Goldman Sachs at FERC

Goldman Sachs Misled Regulators About Connections With an Affiliate

Public Citizen April 6, 2020 Public Comment Public Citizen March 13, 2020 Protest Public Citizen January 2, 2020 Protest Public Citizen December 9, 2020 Protest

In late April 2020, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) agreed with Public Citizen that the private equity fund Goldman Sachs Renewable Power LLC – a private equity shell company created and managed by Goldman Sachs – is affiliated with The Goldman Sachs Group.

Public Citizen maintained that the corporation misled federal regulators about its connections with the affiliate, which may have allowed it to buy and sell power to itself, amassing profits at the expense of entities for which it is supposed to be trading, such as pension funds.

Public Citizen’s filings in the case are at the top of this page.