Voters First Pledge

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The Voters First Pledge

Voters are tired of being shut out by big money in politics. Candidates are tired of the campaign fundraising treadmill. Public funding of campaigns, also known as fair or clean elections, is a proven solution to the problem of increasingly expensive races for public office.

The costs continue to rise for candidates, but we all pay a price. Only millionaires or those who open their arms to big contributors can afford to run. As a result, Congress’s attention is too often diverted from the people’s business to chasing money and pleasing campaign contributors.

In cities and states across the country, campaign finance laws that replace private financing with public grants have worked to improve elections for candidates and voters alike. It’s time to bring the benefits of Fair Elections to congressional races.

In 2008, American voters are demanding real change that goes beyond empty slogans. To ensure that Congress is accountable to voters, we urge all candidates to sign the Voters First Pledge.

The Voters First Pledge

If elected, I pledge to make elections fair by supporting legislation to create a system of public financing for qualified candidates who agree to strict spending limits and to take only small donations.

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Please sign and fax this sheet back to Attention: Voters First Pledge at (202) 521-0605. You can also email a signed copy to, or mail one to Voters First Pledge, c/o Public Campaign Action Fund, 1320 19th Street NW Suite M-1, Washington, DC 20036.