Stop the Water Grab in the Mojave Desert

Stop the Water Grab in the Mojave Desert: Cadiz's Owner Keith Brackpool is One of Governor Gray Davis's Biggest Campaign Contributors

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The Cadiz project is a massive enterprise to store water from the Colorado River in an underground aquifer during wet years and use this water along with native groundwater to supplement water supplies during dry years. Cadiz Inc., a California agricultural concern, has access to the aquifer, which also underlies federal land. Environmental groups, members of the scientific community, and Public Citizen oppose the Cadiz project on grounds that the rates of water extraction that Cadiz has determined necessary for profitability are unsustainable and not in the public’s interest. The 37 member Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) must approve the project if it is to go forward.

The MWD board vote is subject to strong political pressure. Keith Brackpool, a large contributor to Governor Gray Davis and currently serving as Davis’ water advisor, is the chairman and founder of Cadiz, Inc. While Cadiz is on shaky financial footing –documents show the company has significantly more debt than assets, Brackpool’s relationship with the governor is solid. In 1999, Brackpool accompanied Davis during his Middle Eastern tour, and together, they met privately with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Brackpool has enough trust from the Governor to substitute for him at various public speaking events.

Why would the MWD board go ahead with such shifty project? The only reason might be to make a major contributor to Governor Davis happy.

Organizations Opposing the Cadiz Project

Sierra Club

National Parks Conservation Association

Western Environmental Law Center

Defenders of Wildlife

California League of Conservation Voters

Desert Survivors

The Wilderness Society

California Public Interest Research Group

Alliance for Democracy

Global Resource Action Center for the Environment

California Wilderness Coalition

Center for Biological Diversity

Desert Protective Council

Southern California Watershed Alliance

Taxpayers for Common Sense

Public Citizen

Take Action

Help prevent Governor Davis from taking campaign money while denying accountability for the actions of his "water advisor," Keith Brackpool. Write the governor and tell him:

  • I do not want the Cadiz project to move forward.
  • The state of California must protect its groundwater from profiteers like Keith Brackpool.
  • I expect you to take affirmative steps to oppose the Cadiz project.

Tell Governor Davis to put into practice what he often preaches: that he takes money from everyone, so he’s beholden to none. Without an official position on the project, Davis will remain unaccountable as he enters what may be a tough re-election year.

Demand to know whether he supports the Cadiz project!

Fax the governor, or send a letter:

The Honorable Gray Davis, Governor

State Capitol, 1st Floor

Sacramento, CA 95814

Fax number: 916-445-2841

Please let us know what action you took and whether we can list you or your organization as an opponent of this project. Contact Juliette Beck at