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Historical Materials:

• Medical Malpractice Payment Trends 1991-2004;
Evidence Shows Lawsuits Haven't Caused Doctors' Insurance Woes

• Medical Malpractice Briefing Book Medical Misdiagnosis:
Challenging the Malpractice Claims of the Doctors' Lobby

• The Costs of Medical Malpractice to Patients and Consumers Versus the Cost to Doctors -- A state by state analysis

• Bush's Medical Malpractice Disinformation Campaign:
A Rebuttal to the HHS Report on Medical Liability

• Public Citizen Critique of the Bush proposal:
"The Bush Administration's Malpractice Misdiagnosis"

Consumer, Legal and Insurance Experts Available to Discuss Malpractice Crisis

Organized Medicine Has Opposed Key Institute of Medicine (IOM)
Recommendations on Patient Safety Statement

By Arthur A. Levin, MPH Director of the Center for Medical Consumers

• Quick Facts on Medical Malpractice Issues

• Investigative Reports, Independent Researchers Agree:
Caps Won’t Solve Medical Malpractice "Crisis"

Medical Malpractice Damage Caps and Payout Trends: 

• Medical Protectives Insurance Co. Memo to Texas Insurance Commissioner [PDF] October 28, 2004

• New 2002 Government Data Dispute Medical Malpractice Lawsuit "Crisis"
July 7, 2003

• Medical Malpractice Award Trends:
Believe Government Sources, Not Doctors

• What’s a $250,000 Cap on Medical Malpractice Damages Worth:
Compensation for a Lifetime of Pain or a CEO’s Annual Bonus

Dangerous Doctors and State Medical Boards:

• Public Citizen Ranks Performance of State Medical Boards in 2003 -- Public Citizen's Health Research Group. April 14, 2004

• Government Must Tell Medicare Patients Results of Investigations Into Complaints That Doctors Erred, Appeals Court Says -- HHS Policy of Withholding Information Violates Law, Court Concurs with Public Citizen  

• Ranking of State Medical Board Serious Disciplinary Actions in 2002
Public Citizen's Health Research Group -- Publication #1658

Insurance Cycle and Industry:

Public Citizen's Congress Watch Reports and Fact Sheets
 Insurance Companies and Their Lobbyists Admit It: Caps on Damages Won’t Lower Insurance Premiums February 2003
Equal Opportunity Rate Hikes Rising State Insurance Premiums Not Unique to Medical Malpractice July 2002

Americans for Insurance Reform
Think Malpractice is Driving up Health Costs? Think Again. January 2004
 Industry Insiders Admit - And History Shows: Tort Reform Will Not Lower Insurance Rates June 2003
 New Study Shows Average Medical Malpractice Payout Over Last Decade Only $28,524; New Data Reveals Same Trends In 2001
Medical Malpractice Insurance: Stable Losses/Unstable Rates. Prepared by J. Robert Hunter, Director of Insurance for the Consumer Federation of America October 10, 2002

American Medical Association
In Their Own Words ... The American Medical Association on Medical Malpractice Compiled by Public Citizen

Analysis by the Missouri Department of Insurance
 Medical Malpractice Insurance in Missouri: The Current Difficulties in Perspective"

Analysis by the West Virginia Insurance Commission
Medical Malpractice Report on Insurers with over 5% Market Share. Novemeber 2002

Center for Justice & Democracy--
MYTHBUSTER: The Liability Insurance Crisis — DÉJÀ VU All Over Again
10 Things You Should Know About … MEDICAL MALPRACTICE 
A Short Guide to Understanding Today's Medical Malpractice Insurance  "Crisis" (and useful questions to ask...)

Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights
California's #2 Medical Malpractice Insurer Should Lower Doctors' Rates, Insurance Commissioner Should Reject Price Hike Proposal
Five Dangerous Myths About California's Medical Malpractice Restrictions
How Insurance Reform Lowered Dcotors' Medical Malpractice Rates in California... And How Malpractice Caps Failed
Insurance Regulation, Not Malpractice Caps Stabilize Doctors Premiums

United States General Accounting Office (GAO)
 MEDICAL MALPRACTICE -- Implications of Rising Premiums on Access to Health Care   August 2003