Earth Share of Texas- One Environment. One Simple Way To Care For It.?

Earth Share of Texas is an umbrella organization of 70 local, state, national and international nonprofit environmental groups.

Employees all across Texas can support Earth Share of Texas and its participating organizations through their payroll deduction plans. Be sure that you choose to have your funds designated to Public Citizen-Texas. Your human resource manager can help!Or if your company does not currently offer Earth Share as an option, contact our Texas office  (512-477-155) to find out how to get your company involved.

Earth Share of Texas began in 1992 as the Environmental Fund for Texas. A small group of the state's leading nonprofit environmental and conservation organizations combined their fundraising efforts to become a part of payroll deduction plans for public and private sector employees around the state..

In 1996, the environmental fund became a state partner of Earth Share, the nation's oldest and largest environmental workplace fundraising organization. Now, thanks to this partnership, Earth Share of Texas represents not only the best of Texas' environmental organizations, but the most reputable in the nation, as well.

Here's How You Can Help:

  • By contributing to Earth Share of Texas participating organizations through your payroll deduction plan at work. Remember to designate Public Citizen as your organization of choice!
  • By making a one-time contribution to Earth Share of Texas that helps environmental work throughout Texas and the nation. (Please let them know you heard about them through Public Citizen!)
  • By asking your employer to add environmental choices to your payroll deduction plan.
  • By volunteering at one of our participating organizations, ie. Public Citizen. 

To connect to the Earth Share of Texas website for more ways you can get involved, click here.

Watch a video about Earth Share, click here.