Coca-Cola banned from ground water takings

Feb. 16: The Kerala state government has put a four-month ban on Coca-Cola's excessive ground water use in the state of Kerala after more than a year of community protests. The High Court had previously ruled that the corporation would have to close its bore wells and that ground water is a national resource, not a corporate property. This decision was appealed by Coca-Cola.

Communities surrounding the bottling plant in Plachimada, Kerala, have faced water shortages and groundwater pollution since the corporation started withdrawing water for soft drinks. The village council withdrew the license to operate in previous months and community members have had ongoing vigils at the plant to stop the withdrawal from groundwater sources that deplete community access in the area.

Coca-Cola soft drinks have been proved to have excessive amounts of pesticides in their drinks and is facing further scrutiny across India.

The recent People's World Water Forum in Delhi, India decided that Coca-Cola would be a focus of organizing in the coming years in order to expose the ground water thefts from communities and the excessive profits being made from bottled water for the rich, while the poor are left without access to clean and affordable water.

The state's high court is to rule on the appeal soon.

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