Campaign Statements By President-Elect Obama

Obama Primary Statements On Trade

"With regards to provisions in several FTAs that give foreign investors the right to sue governments directly in foreign tribunals, I will ensure that foreign investor rights are strictly limited and will fully exempt any law or regulation written to protect public safety or promote the public interest. And I will never agree to granting foreign investors any rights in the U.S. greater than those of Americans."

For statements like the above and more, see Obama's answers to questions from various state-based fair-trade coalitions, from the Democratic primary. The following are all PDF downloads:

Obama Trade-Related Campaign Ads

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Date posted: August 5, 2008. Ad transcript:

John McCain supports... tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas.

Date posted: August 13, 2008. Ad transcript:

Barack Obama: he'll put the middle class ahead of corporate interests, to grow the economy, end tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, help businesses that create jobs here...

Date posted: August 19, 2008. Ad transcript:

John McCain's tax plan... companies shipping jobs overseas keep their tax giveaways, while 100 million Americans get no tax relief at all.

Date posted: September 11, 2008. Ad transcript:

[McCain's] campaign manager lobbies for corporations outsourcing American jobs.

Date posted: September 11, 2008. Ad transcript:

Change is giving tax breaks to middle-class families, instead of companies that send jobs overseas.

Date posted: September 16, 2008. Ad transcript:

Here's what I believe we need to do: reform our tax system to give a thousand-dollar tax break to the middle class, instead of showering more on oil companies and corporations that outsource our jobs.

Date posted: September 22, 2008. Ad transcript:

[McCain] "I've bought American, uh, literally all of my life." ... But, John McCain owns thirteen vehicles, including three foreign cars - a foreign-made Lexus, Volkswagen and Honda sedan. [closing image is of Obama mingling with hard-hatted workers]

Date posted: October 8, 2008. Ad transcript:

Carolina Mills - forced to shut down 17 plants; 2,600 lose their jobs; workers once proud to make the thread for American flags have their futures outsourced to Asia. Washington sold them out with the help of politicians like John McCain. He supported trade deals and tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. McCain even said all Buy American provisions were, quote, "disgraceful." North Carolina just can't afford more of the same.

Date posted: October 29, 2008. Ad transcript:

As president, [McCain] would... keep tax breaks for companies that ship our jobs overseas.