-Public Citizen and the Natural Resources Defense Council win a lawsuit against the Consumer Product Safety Commission, stopping the agency from allowing phthalate-laden children’s products that were made before a ban of such items to be sold after the ban took effect

-As a result of a Public Citizen lawsuit, the federal government makes public a database that allows potential used car buyers to check the validity of a vehicle’s title, mileage and history of theft or damage

-The Food and Drug Administration grants Public Citizen’s 2008 petition and requires strong warnings to be issued to doctors and patients about the dangers associated with the use of botulinum toxin (Botox, Myobloc, Dysport)

-The Chrysler Group agrees to assume responsibility for product liability claims brought by people injured in post-Chrysler bankruptcy crashes involving cars sold before the bankruptcy after considerable pressure from consumer advocacy groups, including Public Citizen


-After pressure from Public Citizen, Congress passes the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, which makes critical reforms to the Consumer Product Safety Commission

-The Food and Drug Administration announces that it will require its most serious “black box” warning about the risk of tendinitis and tendon rupture on all packages of fluoroquinolene antibiotics, which include Cipro, Levaquin and Avelox, partly in response to a lawsuit filed by Public Citizen

-Public Citizen helps a Georgia resident win a major victory for online free speech, when a federal judge upholds the resident’s right to criticize Wal-Mart’s business practices by using satire

-Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch division publishes two books, “Federalism and Global Governance” and “The Rise and Fall of Fast Track Trade Authority”

-Public Citizen files a friend-of-the-court brief and argues in support of New York City's health regulation requiring certain fast-food restaurant chains in the city to post calorie information on their menu boards; a federal judge upholds the regulation


-Congress passes a landmark lobbying and ethics bill that was crafted with input from Public Citizen experts

-Public Citizen is key to defeating Fast Track trade legislation

-Public Citizen successfully pushes to eliminate a cost-benefit loophole in the first congressionally mandated fuel economy standards in more than 30 years, which made 35 mpg by 2020 mandatory


-A 2003 Complaint against a Freddie Mac lobbyist's extravagant Congressional fundraising results in a $3.8 million FEC fine, the largest civil penalty it ever issued

-Following Public Citizen's report on the estate tax benefiting the super rich, the Senate rejects permanent repeal of the tax


-Public Citizen petition prompts new rule that requires auto manufacturers to notify dealers of the most dangerous auto defects.  

-After years of Public Citizen lobbying, Congress passes major auto safety improvements – including stability and roof-strength standards – in 2005 highway bill.  

-Public Citizen petition and overwhelming statistical evidence forces FDA to remove controversial pain prescription Bextra from the market.  

-After intense Public Citizen lobbying, an amendment that would have extended the amount of time truckers could spend on the road to 16 hours is withdrawn from highway bill.  

-Public Citizen Litigation Group, representing Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, successfully challenges inadequate minimum training requirements set by FMCSA for commercial motor vehicle operators. An appellate court ruled that a federal rule establishing the requirements is “so at odds” with safety information that it should be redone.


-Public Citizen exposes the failure of seat belts in automobile rollover crashes; campaigns for new auto safety legislation.  

-Public Citizen exposes gaping holes in homeland security and links security failures to Bush administration policies favoring corporate campaign contributors.  

-In a major win for highway safety, Public Citizen secures federal appeals court victory striking down a Bush administration regulation that increased the number of consecutive and weekly hours that truck drivers could drive without rest.  

-Antidepressant Serzone withdrawn from market after Public Citizen sues FDA over its failure to ban the drug linked to liver failure.  


-FDA bans the dietary supplement ephedra two years after Public Citizen petitions for its removal and after 155 deaths.  

-Public Citizen research and lobbying plays critical role in defeating federal legislation that would unfairly restrict damages awarded to the seriously injured victims of medical malpractice.  

-Public Citizen launches, to track special-interest contributions to President Bush’s 2004 campaign and analyze the record of favoritism, conflicts of interest and influence peddling related to those contributions.  

-Public Citizen wins federal appeals court ruling overturning an auto safety regulation allowing the installation of ineffective tire monitoring gauges.  


- Congress bans passes first major campaign finance reform since Watergate era – banning “soft money” and regulating phony “issue ads” – following decade-long battle by Public Citizen and allies.  

- Public Citizen successfully sues Bush administration to win release of Reagan administration records under Presidential Records Act.  

- Public Citizen wins Supreme Court case in which court decided a defendant was denied his rights to a fair trial and due process when the trial court refused to grant an overnight continuance to locate three missing alibi witnesses.


- Public Citizen wins passage of legislation to beef up inspections of Mexican trucks entering U.S. under NAFTA.  

- Public Citizen documents corporate abuse of NAFTA investor protection provisions and NAFTA’s negative impact on U.S. farmers.   

- Public Citizen report highlights 527 “questionable hospitals” that violated patient dumping law.  

- Public Citizen influences new aviation security law in wake of Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.  

- Public Citizen issues report linking political connections to regulatory actions taken by public officials to aid energy trader Enron Corp., which collapsed amid allegations of accounting fraud.  

- Public Citizen lawyers argue two cases before U.S. Supreme Court on the same day, winning one case that strengthens due process rights for criminal defendants.  

- Public Citizen wins appellate court ruling protecting privacy rights of Internet users who anonymously post comments critical of corporations.  

- Consumer Product Safety Commission bans lead-wick candles after lengthy campaign by Public Citizen.  

- Public Citizen opens field office in California.  


- Public Citizen petition leads to ban on diabetes drug Rezulin after 63 deaths from liver toxicity.  

- Public Citizen publishes sixth edition of Questionable Doctors, listing 20,125 physicians nationwide who had been disciplined by state medical boards.  

- Public Citizen, spearheading a coalition of auto safety advocates, wins new federal legislation to strengthen safety in wake of hundreds of deaths and injuries caused by rollover crashes involving Firestone tires and Ford Explorers.     

- Public Citizen releases report documenting role of Big Tobacco in creating network of “lawsuit abuse” groups that advocate stripping legal rights from citizens.  


- Public Citizen publishes third edition of its best-selling Worst Pills, Best Pills, a consumer’s guide to avoiding drug-induced death or illness.  

- Public Citizen wins release of historic grand jury records relating to the 1948 indictment of alleged Soviet agent Alger Hiss.  

- Public Citizen releases report revealing strong links between Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott’s Republican Party “soft money” fund-raising from casino interests and his little‑known legislative actions that protected the casino industry.  

- Public Citizen publishes Whose Trade Organization? Corporate Globalization and the Erosion of Democracy, a book exposing the WTO’s five-year record of weakening health, safety, environmental and labor standards.  

- Public Citizen works successfully to pass major truck safety legislation, which creates the new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to replace ineffective Office of Motor Carriers.   

- Public Citizen leads global coalition to organize massive, landmark demonstrations in Seattle against the unaccountable, undemocratic World Trade Organization.  

- Public Citizen defends a California woman whose Web site is critical of a company, beginning the Litigation Group’s continuing involvement in Internet free speech cases.  

- Public Citizen’s Texas office successfully lobbies for a power plant cleanup program that will reduce smog-forming nitrogen oxide emissions by 50 to 88 percent.


- Public Citizen again stops passage of undemocratic Fast Track trade legislation.  

- Public Citizen plays key role in organizing health and safety coalition that successfully opposes $368 billion tobacco industry settlement that would have immunized industry from future liability.   

- Public Citizen helps lead a global citizens’ campaign that results in the scuttling of the Multilateral Agreement on Investments, a proposed global investment treaty.  

- Public Citizen helps stop two bills that would have limited the power of federal agencies to protect public health, safety and the environment, and taken away consumers’ legal rights to hold accountable corporations for defective products.

- Public Citizen wins passage of legislation mandating safer air bags to protect women and children.  

- Public Citizen releases latest compilation of 16,638 Questionable Doctors, the only publicly available, national compendium of disciplined doctors.  

- Public Citizen leads push against deregulation of electric utility industry, forming a grassroots coalition, Ratepayers for Affordable Green Energy.  

- Public Citizen coordinates successful lobbying effort to stop legislation creating a nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nev.  

- Public Citizen helps stop “NAFTA for Africa” trade legislation intended to benefit corporations at expense of citizens in African nations.  


- Public Citizen defends consumer interests as states begin to deregulate electric utility industry.  

- Public Citizen leads multi-year campaign that results in defeat of damaging Fast Track trade authority.   

- Public Citizen report reveals significant differences in safety records of passenger-side air bags.  

- Public Citizen report finds that many of the more than 500 U.S. physicians disciplined for sexual abuse or misconduct are still practicing.  

- Public Citizens leads a broad array of consumer groups in battle for campaign finance reform; legislation dies in GOP-led Senate filibuster.  

- Public Citizen protests and helps force redesign of unethical AIDS research in Africa, which would have denied known effective treatment to HIV-positive pregnant women.  


- Public Citizen wins Supreme Court decision upholding the right of people injured by federally regulated medical devices to sue to recover compensation; Court says federal regulation doesn’t preempt right of the victims of defective devices to be compensated for injuries.   

- Public Citizen forges historic settlement to secure release of Nixon’s secret White House tapes after 15 years of litigation.  

- Appeals court sides with Public Citizen, ruling that class actions cannot be used to deprive future asbestos victims of their right to sue.  

- Public Citizen helps bring need for campaign finance reform to top of national agenda.  

- Public Citizen successfully opposes legislation mandating transport of nuclear waste to Nevada for temporary storage.  

- Public Citizen leads coalition to preserve strong regulatory role for FDA, blocking industry-led rollback efforts.  

- Public Citizen publishes 13,012 Questionable Doctors.  


- Public Citizen launches a new division, Global Trade Watch, to protect public interest safeguards in international trade deals such as GATT and NAFTA.     

- Congressional gift ban and lobbying registration reform enacted after a major Public Citizen campaign.  

- Worst Pills/Best Pills News introduced to provide consumers regular updates on dangerous and ineffective drugs.  

- Public Citizen leads crusade against $100 billion in corporate welfare in federal tax-cutting packages.  

- Public Citizen successfully defends tobacco industry whistleblower who released key documents to Congress and the FDA, against civil damages and criminal contempt charges.   

- Public Citizen takes lead role in organizing coalition that successfully blocks massive industry push to enact elements of the GOP’s Contract for America, designed to roll back health and safety protections.  

- Public Citizen leadership helps secure Clinton veto of legislation designed to limit corporate liability for dangerous products.  

- Public Citizen documents destructive effects of NAFTA on jobs and the environment with major report: NAFTA’s Broken Promises.  

- Public Citizen’s Texas office successfully lobbies for campaign finance limits on Texas judicial campaigns.


- Public Citizen successfully lobbies Congress to end funding for the Advanced Liquid Metal breeder reactor.

- Public Citizen helps to enlist nearly 100 cosponsors for single-payer health care reform bill modeled after the Canadian system.  

- Public Citizen helps win legislation protecting consumers from home equity scams.  

- Indication for use of Parlodel as a lactation suppressant withdrawn after Public Citizen challenges FDA’s failure to restrict this use of the drug by breastfeeding mothers.  

- Public Citizen publishes Green Buyer’s Car Book and related consumer guide, providing detailed information on emissions, recycled components and other environmental factors.  


- Public Citizen exposes influence of special interest money on Congress; rallies support for meaningful campaign finance reform. 

- Public Citizen wins landmark court victory that prevents destruction of electronic records of the White House under Presidents Reagan, Bush and Clinton.  

- Worst Pills, Best Pills II published with new information for consumers.     

- Public Citizen plays a leading role in opposing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), launching a new citizens’ trade movement.  

- Public Citizen releases report detailing 680 privately funded trips by senators, including junkets to Puerto Rico and Florida paid for by large corporations and trade associations.  


- Public Citizen’s four-year campaign leads FDA to severely restrict use of silicone gel breast implants.  

- OSHA imposes standard to protect workers from cadmium, linked to lung cancer and kidney damage, after Public Citizen wins court order.  

- Public Citizen wins case upholding the right of a lawyer to sue for damages when fired from law firm for demanding that ethics violations be reported.  

- Public Citizen exposes links between campaign contributions and actions taken by Vice President Dan Quayle’s Council on Competitiveness to weaken health, safety and environmental standards.  

- Public Citizen wins court ruling allowing a dissident Teamster group to keep its list of contributors confidential.  

- Public Citizen starts court proceedings to have 4,000 hours of tapes from the Nixon White House released to the public.  


- Public Citizen plays key role in passage of new auto and truck safety law requiring air bags and head injury protections, and limiting the expansion of big rigs.  

- Public Citizen publishes Women’s Health Alert, a handbook of vital health information for women.  

- Public Citizen wins important separation-of-powers decision in Supreme Court involving congressional control of National Airport.  

- Public Citizen wins landmark ruling that FEC cannot restrict use of campaign finance data.  

- Public Citizen publishes They Love To Fly ... And It Shows, exposing House members who took nearly 4,000 privately funded trips in 1989-90.  

- Public Citizen’s Texas office helps reform Texas’ lemon law for new car buyers.

- Teamsters union elects new leadership, capping nearly two decades of Public Citizen legal support for pro-reform movement.  


- Public Citizen launches the Supreme Court Assistance Project to assist lawyers with public interest cases pending in the Supreme Court.

- Public Citizen publishes first edition of Questionable Doctors, a nationwide listing of 6,892 doctors disciplined for incompetence, negligence, substance abuse and other violations.  

- Public Citizen court victory forces the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to issue mandatory training requirements for nuclear plant workers.  

- Public Citizen publishes Who Robbed America?, a guide to the savings and loan scandal that cost taxpayers billions of dollars.  

- Public Citizen initiates a “Doctor Bribing Hotline” for doctors to report unethical or illegal attempts by pharmaceutical companies to persuade them to prescribe one medicine over another. Doctors report offers of free dinners, airline tickets and cash.  


- Federal regulation requiring air bags or passive seat belts in all cars takes full effect after a 20-year battle with auto makers.  

- Public Citizen and Ralph Nader lead successful opposition to $45,500 congressional pay raise, forcing Congress to take a smaller raise and ban honoraria.  

- Public Citizen wins appeals court ruling requiring FTC regulation of smokeless tobacco products.  

- Public Citizen helps persuade California voters to shut down Rancho Seco nuclear plant.  

- Public Citizen obtains court order forcing the FDA to require labels warning women that high-absorbency tampons are more likely to cause Toxic Shock Syndrome.  

- Public Citizen releases report detailing cesarean section rates in 30 states.  

- Public Citizen sues Bush administration for release of Oliver North’s diaries from the Iran-Contra affair.  

- Public Citizen successfully campaigns to have offensive RJ Reynolds cigarette ads withdrawn.  


- After seven years of litigation by Public Citizen, OSHA imposes standards for worker exposure to cancer-causing gas ethylene oxide, used to sterilize hospital equipment.  

- Public Citizen publishes first edition of Worst Pills, Best Pills, a consumer guide to dangerous and ineffective drugs and their safer alternatives, selling 2 million copies over the next 10 years.  

- Public Citizen actively supports Proposition 103, an automobile insurance rate reduction initiative approved by California voters.  

- Public Citizen leads successful effort in Congress to strengthen pesticide law.  

- Public Citizen publishes Citizen’s Guide to Radon Home Test Kits.  

- Public Citizen calls on FDA to order a halt to use of silicone gel in breast implants.  

- Public Citizen releases report exposing NRC refusal to comply with law governing nuclear worker training and revealing that more than two-thirds of 3,000 mishaps at U.S. reactors in 1987 involved worker error.  

- Public Citizen wins two cases in the Supreme Court, including one protecting workers fired for filing worker compensation claims from losing their right to file suit under union-management arbitration provisions.     


- Public Citizen publishes research about Judge Robert Bork, helping block his confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court.  

- Public Citizen obtains court order directing chemical producers of Agent Orange to make important information available to public.  

- Public Citizen helps persuade Congress to pass legislation restricting the time banks can hold checks.  

- Public Citizen publishes first edition of Unnecessary Cesarean Sections, an in-depth investigation into the skyrocketing rate of cesarean births.  

- Public Citizen publishes its Nuclear Power Safety Report, documenting approximately 3,000 mishaps that occurred at U.S. nuclear plants in 1986, including 75 emergency plant shutdowns and record number of fines and serious accidents.  


- After lengthy Public Citizen campaign, FDA requires aspirin makers to include labels warning that aspirin can cause rare Reye’s Syndrome in children suffering from chicken pox or flu.  

- Supreme Court rules in favor of Public Citizen lawsuit, declaring that Gramm-Rudman-Hollings deficit reduction law violates Constitution’s separation-of-powers doctrine.  

- Congress requires health warning labels on chewing tobacco and snuff, capping Public Citizen’s two-year campaign.  

- Public Citizen and Democracy Project publish Freedom From Harm, a book documenting importance of public health and safety protections in face of industry campaign to denigrate regulation.  

- Public Citizen wins court order forbidding president from stopping expenditure of appropriated funds without express authorization from Congress.  

- Public Citizen helps defeat industry-sponsored legislation to restrict use of courts by victims of defective products and successfully opposes similar legislation in Congress over the next decade.  

- Public Citizen publishes Care of the Seriously Mentally Ill: A Rating of State Programs, ranking states from highest to lowest in their provisions for mentally ill patients.  

- Public Citizen’s Texas Office helps whistleblowers at the South Texas and Comanche Peak nuclear plants halt construction while extensive safety revisions are made.


- Public Citizen begins publication of Health Letter.  

- Public Citizen exposes EPA’s failure to accurately assess danger of toxic waste dump sites in successful campaign to strengthen Superfund cleanup laws.  

- Public Citizen reveals the locations of more than 250 work sites nationwide where workers have been exposed to hazardous chemicals.  

- Public Citizen wins Supreme Court decision expanding the rights of lawyers to advertise.  

- Public Citizen lobbying halts attack on consumer rights to hold manufacturers accountable for damage done by dangerous products.  

- Public Citizen pressure on FDA leads to recall of large-model Bjork-Shiley heart valve after valve fractures are linked to 100 deaths worldwide.  


- Public Citizen opens field office in Austin, Texas.  

- Public Citizen pressure defeats special antitrust provisions for beer distributors and preserves law prohibiting American companies from paying bribes to foreign officials to win business contracts.  

- Public Citizen publishes Retreat from Safety, a book exposing Reagan administration efforts to roll back health and safety regulations.   

- Public Citizen successfully opposes legislation easing restrictions on use of cancer-causing food additives.  

- Following AT&T’s divestiture, Public Citizen mounts nationwide “Campaign for Affordable Phones” to oppose rate hikes for residential customers.  

- Public Citizen wins court order forcing EPA to recall 700,000 GM cars with faulty emission controls.  

- FDA strengthens warning labels for anti-inflammatory drugs Butazolidin and Tandearil after Public Citizen cites serious adverse reactions.  

- Public Citizen leads successful fight against approval of hazardous injectable contraceptive Depo-Provera.  


- Public Citizen wins historic separation-of-powers case; Supreme Court strikes down legislative veto, affecting more than 200 statutes.  

- Over the Counter Pills That Don't Work is published and becomes a national best-seller.  

- Public Citizen and Ralph Nader found Buyers Up cooperative to help consumers save money on heating oil.  

- Public Citizen persuades Congress to halt funding for Clinch River breeder reactor, after President Reagan revives program.  

- Public Citizen participates in landmark Supreme Court decision overturning President Reagan's revocation of auto safety standards for automatic restraints such as air bags.  

- After intense Public Citizen lobbying, Congress refuses to overrule FTC rule requiring funeral homes to itemize lists and preventing the requirement of casket and embalming costs in cremation.  

- Public Citizen issues report identifying more than $82 billion in direct corporate subsidies included in Reagan’s federal budget proposal.     


- Public Citizen leads successful effort to block passage of regulatory rollback bill.  

- The arthritis drug Oraflex (benoxaprofen) is withdrawn from the market after Public Citizen exposes deaths and injuries caused by the drug.  

- Public Citizen persuades Congress not to exempt doctors, dentists and other professionals from Federal Trade Commission oversight.  

- After an extensive Public Citizen campaign, cancer-causing urea formaldehyde is banned in home insulation.  

- Public Citizen leads defense against congressional attacks on Freedom of Information Act.  

- Public Citizen’s lobbying efforts halt plans to extend drug manufacturers’ monopolies on their products by up to seven years.  

- A Public Citizen study of OSHA enforcement reveals a 50 percent drop in citations of serious violations under Reagan administration.  

- Public Citizen calls for Toxic Shock Syndrome warning labels on tampons (See 1989).  


- Public Citizen helps thwart President Reagan’s attempts to dismantle Clean Air Act and to diminish authority of Consumer Product Safety Commission.  

- Public Citizen helps block Reagan administration efforts to eliminate a low-income legal aid program and cut funding for the Federal Trade Commission.  

- Public Citizen publishes A Worker’s Guide to Winning at the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission and helps counter anti-regulatory efforts.  

- Public Citizen urges FDA to ban misleading advertising for popular drug Valium; company withdraws advertising.  

- Public Citizen plays a major role in canceling dairy price supports, saving consumers an estimated 8 cents per gallon of milk.  

- Public Citizen wins landmark Supreme Court ruling involving arbitration; Court says unions cannot contract away trucker drivers’ right to be compensated by employers for federally required safety inspections of big rigs.  

- Public Citizen lawsuit results in recovery of $1.5 million embezzled from a Teamsters union local in Baltimore.  


- Public Citizen publishes best-selling Pills That Don't Work, a consumer guide to ineffective drugs.  

- Public Citizen plays critical role in passage of Superfund law, which requires cleanup of toxic waste sites without limits on liability.  

- Public Citizen releases progress report on Three Mile Island reactor cleanup; documents safety mishaps at other nuclear power plants and accidents involving transportation of nuclear materials.  

- Public Citizen lawsuit forces government to keep records of closed-door proceedings of Chrysler bailout.  

- Public Citizen magazine debuts, giving members regular updates on Public Citizen issues and activities.    

- Public Citizen pressure leads to FDA recall of Rely tampons, linked to toxic shock syndrome.  


- Public Citizen petition leads to EPA ban on use of DBCP, a pesticide proven to cause sterility in men.  

- Public Citizen organizes national “Dollars Without Strings” campaign, with more than 10,000 citizens participating, to dramatize need for limits on PAC contributions.  

- Public Citizen helps defeat legislation raising sugar price supports, thereby saving consumers $300 million a year.  

- Public Citizen exposes history of safety problems at Three Mile Island reactor after nation’s worst nuclear accident.  

- Public Citizen wins landmark case in New York, striking down residency requirements preventing lawyers from working in the state; allowing greater competition.  

- Public Citizen publishes first of its kind directory called Cutting Prices: A Guide to Washington Area Surgeons’ Fees, listing fees by named surgeons for 12 common surgical procedures in Washington area.  


- Congress passes Public Citizen’s National Consumer Cooperative Bill authorizing $300 million in seed money for consumer cooperatives.  

- Public Citizen files class action suit on behalf of 1,100 women who were given the drug DES (which increases risk of breast cancer) without their knowledge in 1950s as part of a University of Chicago medical experiment.  

- Public Citizen publishes first edition of Getting Yours: A Consumer’s Guide to Obtaining Your Medical Records to help consumers gain access to their health records.   

- Public Citizen is instrumental in stopping the spraying of DDT in airline passenger cabins to control Japanese beetles on California-bound flights.  

- Public Citizen helps defeat legislation exempting millions of small business employees from OSHA protections.  

- Public Citizen issues report on health and safety violations at Central Intelligence Agency, suggesting CIA may be hazardous to its employees’ health.  

- Public Citizen wins court case in Maryland permitting publication of a magazine offering detailed real estate listings so consumers can buy and sell houses without using real estate brokers.  

- Public Citizen helps force OSHA to limit worker exposure to lead and pesticide DBCP.


- Public Citizen mobilizes citizens who persuade President Carter to halt construction of Clinch River breeder reactor.  

- FDA bans diabetes drug Phenformin, linked to hundreds of deaths each year, after Public Citizen petition and lawsuit.  

- Public Citizen sues FDA to ban 32 provisionally approved food, drug and cosmetic dyes, including two carcinogens, seven suspected carcinogens and two allergens.  

- Public Citizen petitions OSHA for workers’ rights to know the names of chemicals with which they work and to call for OSHA inspections of workplaces.  


- FDA bans Red Dye No. 2 after Public Citizen’s four-year campaign against the carcinogenic food dye.  

- Public Citizen wins landmark Supreme Court ruling that First Amendment applies to commercial speech, overturning a Virginia law that prohibited pharmacists from advertising prescription drug prices.  

- Public Citizen petition leads to FDA ban on use of cancer-causing chloroform in cough medicines and toothpaste.  

- Public Citizen is key advocate in passing Toxic Substances Control Act and antitrust reform legislation allowing states to sue price fixers.  

- Public Citizen wins Supreme Court case upholding airline passengers’ rights to sue for damages when bumped from flights for which they had confirmed reservations.  

- Public Citizen petitions Department of Labor to post in all workplaces the chemicals to which workers are exposed.  

- Public Citizen uncovers secret deal between FDA and the Upjohn Company to conceal the contamination of anti-diabetes drug Tolinase with cancer-causing nitrosamine.  

- Public Citizen exposes special tax breaks contained in the Senate version of the 1976 Tax Reform Act, leading to the deletion of 20 such provisions.    

- Public Citizen successfully lobbies for Civil Rights Enforcement Reimbursement Act, permitting successful civil rights litigants to recover costs from defendants judged to have violated civil rights laws, and for Sunshine Act, requiring senior government officials to keep records and public logs, and expanding provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.  


- Public Citizen wins Supreme Court ruling forbidding lawyers and other professionals from fixing prices.  

- Public Citizen wins Supreme Court decision barring President Nixon from refusing to spend, or “impounding,” funds appropriated by Congress.  

- Public Citizen successfully lobbies Congress for energy conservation legislation, including fuel economy requirements for cars.  

- Public Citizen obtains court order forcing Labor Department to reconsider inadequate rules protecting workers from 14 carcinogenic chemicals.  

- Public Citizen publishes Through the Mental Health Maze: A Consumer’s Guide to Finding a Psychotherapist and Taking the Pain Out of Finding a Good Dentist.  

- A Public Citizen survey of the 50 largest hospitals in the U.S. reveals most are violating government regulations to protect Medicaid recipients during surgical sterilization.  

- Public Citizen petitions FDA to require safety testing for Dalkon Shield and other intrauterine contraceptive devices.  

- Public Citizen exposes invasions of privacy by IRS agents gathering information on the sex lives and drinking habits of politicians and activists.  

- Public Citizen successfully lobbies to delete from the House energy bill several special interest tax provisions, including a break for wealthy utility shareholders.  


- Public Citizen creates another division, the Critical Mass Energy Project, to mobilize opposition to nuclear power and promote energy conservation and renewable sources.   

- Public Citizen legal action forces OSHA to limit workplace exposure to 10 common carcinogens.   

- Public Citizen persuades Congress to override President Ford’s veto and pass major improvements to Freedom of Information Act.  

- Public Citizen publishes directory of doctors in Prince Georges County, Maryland – the first of its kind in the nation – and challenges laws restricting consumer access to information about doctors.   

- Public Citizen organizes Critical Mass ’74, the first national conference of anti-nuclear energy activists, taking its name from the industry’s own jargon.


- Ralph Nader and Joan Claybrook establish Public Citizen’s Congress Watch division to press for congressional accountability and lobby for legislation to protect consumers.  

- In response to Public Citizen’s law suit, President Nixon’s firing of Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox is ruled illegal.  


- Ralph Nader and Alan Morrison establish the Public Citizen Litigation Group to litigate on behalf of consumers.  

- Public Citizen files lawsuit resulting in new compensation system for airline passengers on overbooked flights (see 1976 SC decision).  

- Public Citizen persuades FDA to ban Pertussin Medicated Vaporizer after deaths of 18 children.  

- Public Citizen plays key role in creation of Consumer Product Safety Commission.      


- Ralph Nader founds Public Citizen as an organization dedicated to protecting health, safety and democracy.   

- Ralph Nader and Dr. Sidney Wolfe establish Public Citizen’s Health Research Group division to investigate public health threats and press for reforms.  

- Public Citizen petitions FDA to ban the use of Red Dye No. 2 as food coloring, citing links to cancer and birth defects.  

- Public Citizen funds the Small Claims Study Group to produce a 763-page report, Little Injustices: Small Claims Courts and the American Consumer.  

- Public Citizen convenes conference of truck drivers to seek safety reforms; Professional Drivers Council for Safety and Health formed.