About Regulatory Policy

The federal government has an important role to play in protecting the public. One of the most important tools for doing so is the development of regulatory safeguards that establish the level of protection we need.

While other programs focus on specific kinds of protections, such as clean air or workplace safety rules, our regulatory policy project is concerned with the regulatory process itself -- and the very ability of any agency in the federal government to protect the public.

 Almost immediately as public interest advocates won historic new protective authorities for the environment, workplaces, consumers, and other public interest needs in the 1960s and 70s, regulated industry mounted a counter-attack.  As they fought against new rules, they also mounted an attack on the regulatory process itself, seeking to change the rules of the game and distort the regulatory process in order to create opportunities for delaying, preventing, and rolling back public protections.

Public Citizen has been there to stop those attacks.  And with our regulatory policy project, we will continue the fight to preserve and improve the federal role in protecting the public. 

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