Call Your Senator: We Need a Climate Champion Fed Chair

The climate crisis could cause a financial crash worse than 2008, and Wall Street is aggressively driving the problem by gorging on fossil fuel finance. But the Federal Reserve (the Fed) has failed to confront climate-related risks to the economy under current Chair Jerome Powell.

President Biden must replace Powell with a Chair who will use the Fed’s power to protect the economy from Wall Street’s risky fossil fuel bets and the climate crisis.

Right now, Biden is considering replacing Powell, and could make his decision by Labor Day. This is a critical moment.

We need you to call your Senator and urge them to tell President Biden: We need a Fed Chair who will take Wall Street’s recklessness and climate risks seriously.

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This tool is hosted by The Sunrise Project, a Public Citizen partner on the campaigns on financial regulators to curb fossil-fuel finance and promote an equitable clean-energy transition.