Elizabeth Slomba


Eva Elizabeth is a second generation Mexican American. She was born in the small town of Lufkin, Texas, and grew up in the rural surrounding area of Hudson, Texas. 

Elizabeth’s early years are filled with memories of her adored grandparents who taught her the value of culture, but clouded by the judgments, hatred, and discrimination she witnessed in a predominantly conservative rural county, towards communities of color, and other marginalized communities. 

With failed attempts to form a high school LGBTQ+ club, and other forms of unique expression. Upon graduating high school she immediately relocated to the city of Houston in hopes of living a life without an environment of socially restricted expression. She has now been a Houston resident for seven years.

As an attendee of the University of Houston, Elizabeth acquired a background in communications and has since applied those skills to her professional career in community organizing and engagement. She became a community organizer for an  existing grassroots Latinx social justice based non profit. Elizabeth is currently a community organizer in East Harris County for Public Citizen. 

In the duration of her professional accomplishments, Elizabeth has served as a volunteer for organizations such, Houston Food Bank, Jolt Action & Initiative, Houston Disaster Community Relief, and independently led initiatives. 

She is a strong advocate for the rights of all individuals and has always strived to create a safe and inclusive environment in times of distress. She has served as a producer for the inclusive podcast “VOCES,” where young Latinx people share their stories while amplifying their own unique communities and the changes they hope to bring.