• Public Citizen plays key role in organizing health and safety coalition that successfully opposes $368 billion tobacco industry settlement that would have immunized industry from future liability.

  • Public Citizen leads an effort to defeat damaging Fast Track trade legislation, and publishes on its website secret details of the Multilateral Agreement of Investment trade treaty.

  • Public Citizen report reveals significant differences in safety records of passenger-side air bags.

  • Public Citizen report finds that many of the more than 500 U.S. physicians disciplined for sexual abuse or misconduct are still practicing.

  • Public Citizen protests and helps force redesign of unethical AIDS research in Africa, which would have denied known effective treatment to HIV-positive pregnant women.

  • Public Citizen successfully spearheads opposition to a tobacco industry bailout in a lawsuit settlement.


  • Public Citizen wins Supreme Court decision, Medtronic, Inc. v. Lohr upholding the right of people injured by federally regulated medical devices to sue to recover compensation; Court says federal regulation doesn’t preempt right of the victims of defective devices to be compensated for injuries.

  • Public Citizen forges historic settlement to secure release of Nixon’s secret White House tapes after 15 years of litigation.

  • Public Citizen helps bring need for campaign finance reform to top of national agenda.

  • Public Citizen successfully opposes legislation mandating transport of nuclear waste to Nevada for temporary storage.

  • Public Citizen leads coalition to preserve strong regulatory role for FDA, blocking industry-led rollback efforts.

  • Public Citizen publishes 13,012 Questionable Doctors.

  • Public Citizen helps win a Department of Transportation rule on truck rear-underride protection.

  • Public Citizen leadership helps secure Clinton veto of legislation designed to limit corporate liability for dangerous products.


  • Public Citizen launches a new division, Global Trade Watch, to protect public interest safeguards in international trade deals such as GATT and NAFTA.

  • A congressional gift ban and lobbying registration reform enacted after a major Public Citizen campaign.

  • Worst Pills/Best Pills News is introduced to provide consumers regular updates on dangerous and ineffective drugs.

  • Public Citizen takes lead role in organizing coalition that successfully blocks massive industry push to enact elements of the GOP’s Contract for America, designed to roll back health and safety protections.

  • Public Citizen documents destructive effects of NAFTA on jobs and the environment with major report: "NAFTA’s Broken Promises".

  • Public Citizen’s Texas office successfully lobbies for campaign finance limits on Texas judicial campaigns.

  • Public Citizen helps secure final Department of Transportation rules on anti-lock brakes on trucks and to prevent head injuries.


  • Public Citizen successfully lobbies Congress to end funding for the Advanced Liquid Metal breeder reactor.

  • Public Citizen helps to enlist nearly 100 co-sponsors for single-payer health care reform bill modeled after the Canadian system.

  • Public Citizen helps win legislation protecting consumers from home equity scams.

  • Indication for use of Parlodel as a lactation suppressant withdrawn after Public Citizen challenges FDA’s failure to restrict this use of the drug by breastfeeding mothers.

  • Public Citizen publishes the Green Buyer’s Car Book and related consumer guide, providing detailed information on emissions, recycled components and other environmental factors.

  • Intense Public Citizen lobbying delays passage of damaging General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) trade legislation.


  • Public Citizen releases a report exposing the influence of tobacco money on Congress and uses rallies to support meaningful campaign finance reform.

  • Public Citizen wins landmark court victory that preserving the electronic records of the Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

  • Worst Pills, Best Pills II is published with new information for consumers.

  • Public Citizen plays a leading role in opposing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), launching a new citizens’ trade movement.

  • Public Citizen releases report detailing 680 privately funded trips by senators, including junkets to Puerto Rico and Florida paid for by large corporations and trade associations.


  • Public Citizen’s four-year campaign leads the FDA to severely restrict use of silicone gel breast implants.

  • OSHA imposes standard to protect workers from cadmium, linked to lung cancer and kidney damage, after Public Citizen wins court order.

  • Public Citizen wins case upholding the right of a lawyer to sue for damages when fired from law firm for demanding that ethics violations be reported.

  • Public Citizen exposes links between campaign contributions and actions taken by Vice President Dan Quayle’s Council on Competitiveness to weaken health, safety and environmental standards.

  • Public Citizen wins court ruling allowing a dissident Teamster group to keep its list of contributors confidential.

  • Public Citizen starts court proceedings to have 4,000 hours of tapes from the Nixon White House released to the public.

  • Public Citizen urges the FDA to ban Halcion, the most widely used sleeping pill, after it discovers links between the drug and adverse psychiatric effects.

  • Public Citizen plays an instrumental role in passing the federal Anti-Car Theft Act, which would reduce the incidence of motor vehicle thefts, facilitate the tracing and recovery of stolen motor vehicles, and require the federal government to create a database for used car buyers containing the mileage, title and history of theft or damage of vehicles.