About Us

Corporations have their lobbyists in Washington, D.C. The people need advocates too.

Public Citizen is a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization that champions the public interest – your interests – in the halls of power. Since our founding in 1971, we have defended democracy, resisted corporate power and worked to ensure that government works for the people – not for big corporations.

We have 400,000 members and supporters throughout the country. We do not participate in partisan political activities or endorse any candidates for elected office. We take no government or corporate money.

We use every tool at our disposal to take on big fights – and win. We mobilize activists to grow democratic movements, watchdog Congress, sue the government when it fails to do its job, petition regulatory agencies to safeguard the public and engage in cutting-edge research that effects change.

With President Donald Trump in office, our work is more urgent than ever. We are one of the leading voices calling for Trump to divest from his business interests, highlighting his conflicts of interest and fighting his destructive agenda.

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