• Will NAFTA Renegotiation Produce TPP 2.0 and Intensify Damage?

    As a candidate, Donald Trump promised to make NAFTA “much better” for working people. But Trump’s NAFTA renegotiation plan described just what the corporate lobby is demanding: using NAFTA talks to revive parts of the Trans-Pacific Partnership like expanded investor incentives to offshore jobs that could make NAFTA even worse for working people.

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  • Public Citizen v. Trump

    Public Citizen went back to court, urging it to block an executive order issued in January by Trump. The order, which directs federal agencies to repeal two federal regulations for every new one they issue, violates the Constitution.

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  • Video: Corporate capture of Trump's White House

    Since Donald Trump became president, the White House has invited corporations to set policy. Watch our video on Faceook.

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  • Trumpcare would repeal prescription coverage and provide tax breaks for Big Pharma

    Driven by partisan extremism, blind ideology and an almost genetic predisposition to cut taxes on the rich and big corporations, House Republicans -- who have voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act -- don’t care about the impact of their vote on everyday Americans.

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  • FBI Director James Comey’s firing is an assault on democracy

    We’ve just plunged into a constitutional crisis.

    Our democracy will wither if the president believes himself above the law and empowered to fire law enforcement officials for the “crime” of investigating the president’s wrongdoing. Democrat, Republican or Independent — every American should be alarmed at the Trump regime’s rush to authoritarianism.

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