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The Real Donald Trump

So far, the overwhelming bulk of President Donald Trump’s agenda aims to free corporations to engage in reckless activity and mass predation without any restraint — to rip off consumers, pollute the environment, threaten the planet with catastrophic climate change, strip health insurance coverage from those who can’t pay and restart the Wall Street schemes that led to the Great Recession.

Public Citizen will be there every step of the way to combat Trump’s toxic agenda. This page will house all the work Public Citizen is doing to expose and counteract the real Donald Trump – so please check back often.

Watchdogging Conflicts of Interest

Donald Trump has taken office with what might well be the most blatant conflicts of interest in the history of American politics. Trump’s empire spans the globe and a vast array of business lines. The scope of Trump’s empire means that his businesses are impacted by a wide range of government policies, including taxes, consumer protection, civil justice, financial regulation, employee rights, foreign policy and much more. Anyone harboring illusions that there would be some separation between the Trump administration and the Trump family businesses already has had their fantasy shattered. Here is some of the work Public Citizen has been doing to call out Trump on his clear cut conflicts of interest:

April 24, 2017: Trump’s First 100 Days: A Wholesale Corporate Takeover of Government
April 6, 2017: Trump Diminishes Presidency by Using Official Trips to Market His Florida Resort
April 5, 2017: Trump’s Tax Returns Should Be Made Public Immediately
March 23, 2017: GSA Says Trump Organization, Owned By Their Boss, Is In Compliance With Hotel Lease
March 22, 2017: Report: Two Months Into Presidency, Two Months of Broken Promises
March 9, 2017: Top GSA Official’s Exit Paves the Way for Trump to Continue Using Presidency to Promote Family Businesses
Feb. 28, 2017: Conflicted Golfer-in-Chief Takes Aim at Clean Water Rule; For-Profit Presidency Must End
Feb. 14, 2017: Ethics Office Confirms Conway Breach; Administration’s Conflicts, Recklessness and Disregard for the Truth Start With Trump
Feb. 9, 2017: Public Citizen Calls for Ethics Investigation Into Kellyanne Conway’s Sales Pitch for Ivanka Trump Products
Feb. 9, 2017: So Much for Separation of Trump Administration and Trump Family Businesses
Jan. 28, 2017: Public Citizen: Trump’s Lobbying Policy Will Not Stop Rampant Corruption
Jan. 11, 2017: Trump 'Plan' Fails on All Levels, Will Do Nothing to Solve Most Serious Conflict Problems
Jan. 10, 2017: Presidency for Profit - Trump's Conflicts Are Inescapable as Long as He Maintains Ownership of His Business
Jan. 9, 2017: Warren Bill Would Require President Trump to Sell Business
Dec. 15, 2016: New Senate Legislation to Combat Trump’s ‘Conflicts of Interest in His Administration
Dec. 13, 2016: Concerned About Trump's Conflicts of Interest, Activists to Deliver More Than 400,000 Petitions to Trump Hotel
Dec. 13, 2016: Trump Tweet Suggests Conflicts of Interest Will Continue
Dec. 12, 2016: Public Citizen Parody Ad – to Run Tuesday on Fox News – Turns Trump Campaign Rhetoric on Its Head
Dec. 10, 2016: Tillerson Nomination Completes Corporate Takeover of Trump Administration
Dec. 9, 2016: Trump’s Continued Ownership of Businesses Will Cause Serious Problems for His Presidency and the Country
Nov. 30, 2016: Trump ‘Leaving’ Business Does Nothing to Alleviate Conflicts of Interest
Nov. 21, 2016: Trump's Conflicts of Interest Are Unprecedented in American History
Nov. 17, 2016: 'The Most Blatant Conflicts of Interest in the History of American Politics'
Nov. 17, 2016: Trump Must Divest Himself of All Business Holdings, Democracy Advocates and Ethicists Say
Nov. 17, 2016: Trump’s Lobbying Ban Won’t Stop the Real Conflicts of Interest in His Administration

Tracking Trump’s Corporate Cronies

Candidate Trump railed against the corporate elite and special interest making backroom deals in D.C., and vowed to give new voices a chance to go into government service. Instead of removing the insiders as promised, Trump turned over the inner workings of government to the corporate class. Public Citizen has been tracking Trump’s nominations and appointments within his transition team and administration. Below is some of the work Public Citizen has done, which shows Trump’s ‘draining the swamp’ promises were a scam. Check out Public Citizen's website.

April 24, 2017: Trump’s First 100 Days: A Wholesale Corporate Takeover of Government
April 19, 2017: Record-Setting Inauguration Kitty: If Only It Had Bought a Bigger Crowd
April 17, 2017: Corporate Executives Swamp the White House
April 7, 2017: Trump’s Reg Czar: Corporate Gatekeeper?
April 6, 2017: White House Economic Adviser Gary Cohn Supports Glass-Steagall Principles? But Will It Last?
April 4, 2017: Venture Capitalist Gottlieb Has Too Many Conflicts to Run FDA; We Need a Nominee Who Will Protect Public Health Instead of Industry
March 10, 2017: Trump’s FDA Pick Has Extensive Industry Ties and Dangerous Deregulatory Ideas
March 9, 2017: Trump’s Likely Picks to Head OIRA Would Unleash Corporate Predators and Polluters
Feb. 28, 2017: Top Trump Adviser to Reap Possible $200 Million Annual Benefit From President’s Executive Order on Renewable Fuel Standard
Feb. 17, 2017: New White House Communications Director Represents the Corporate Interests Candidate Trump Ran Against
Feb. 16, 2017: Senate Should Delay Pruitt Vote Until Oklahoma Documents Are Released
Feb. 16, 2017: Will Mulvaney Drop His Anti-Government Extremism at OMB?
Feb. 15, 2017: Pruitt’s EPA Confirmation Could Be Eased Due to More Than $176 Million in Industry Donations to U.S. Senators by Anti-EPA Interests
Feb. 15, 2017: Puzder’s Withdrawal a Win for Working Families
Jan. 31, 2017: Ethics Watchdog Applauds Boycott of Trump’s Corporate Cabinet
Jan. 31, 2017: Floor Debate Begins for U.S. Secretary of State Nominee, U.S. Senate Cannot Deny That Rex Tillerson’s Evasive Non-Answers and Climate Change Denial Disqualify Him from Service
Jan. 23, 2017: U.S. Senators Fail at Their Jobs by Signaling Support for Rex Tillerson
Jan. 18, 2017: In Light of New Information, Public Citizen Renews Call for Investigation into HHS Nominee's Stock Trading Activity
Jan. 13, 2017: Mulvaney Is Too Extreme to Direct OMB
Jan. 11, 2017: Key Questions Senators Must Ask Rex Tillerson, Trump's Secretary of State Pick
Jan. 9, 2017: Get the Rundown on Trump Nominees - Their Corporate Ties, Conflicts of Interest, More
Jan. 6, 2017: Tracks Trump Cabinet Picks
Jan. 6, 2017: Does Tillerson's Deal With Exxon Eliminate His Interest in the Company?
Jan. 5, 2017: Corporate Accountability Blunders Taint Sessions (Trump's HHS pick) Record
Jan. 5, 2017: Extensive Stock Trading by Trump’s Nominee for HHS Raises Conflict of Interest Concerns
Jan. 3, 2017: Choice of Robert Lighthizer as USTR Strengthens Prospects for a New Approach to U.S. Trade Policy
Dec. 9, 2016: Betraying His Voters, Trump’s Interior Pick Backs Dirty Energy and Big Polluters
Dec. 7, 2016: Terrible Choice: Trump Picks Fossil Fuel Industry Ally to Head EPA
Nov. 30, 2016: America, You’ve Been Had; Millionaire Mnuchin Is One of the Corporate Elite That Candidate Trump Railed Against
Nov. 29, 2016: 70 Percent of Trump Landing Team Members Have Corporate Ties
Nov. 29, 2016: Trump's Corporate Takeover of Federal Agencies
Nov. 28, 2016: Texan Who Shouldn’t Play a Role in the Trump Administration Is Rumored to Be Interviewing Today for EPA Administrator
Nov. 23, 2016: Five Questions for Trump Transition Team
Nov. 23, 2016: Two Texans Who Shouldn’t Play a Role in the Trump Administration
Nov. 18, 2016: America Is Better Than Jeff Sessions
Nov. 16, 2016: The List: Here Are the Special Interest Insiders Swarming Trump’s Transition Team
Nov. 15, 2016: Here’s What Candidate Trump Said About Clean Government. Use This to Hold Him Accountable.
Nov. 14, 2016: Fox in the Henhouse: Leading Trump Candidate for Treasury Said to Be Former Goldman Sachs Partner With Ties to Great Recession

Fighting on All Fronts

Not all of Trump’s dangerous schemes can fit into a category, so here is Public Citizen’s miscellaneous work to stop Trump from attacking important legislative policies and protections.

April 18, 2017: Trump Buy American Order Good First Step, But Enacting EO’s Goals Will Require Elimination of Trade Pact Buy American Waivers for 59 Nations
April 14, 2017: White House Visitor Log Secrecy Will Increase Corruption
April 5, 2017: White House and Public Citizen Agree: The Congressional Review Act Is an Important Story
March 30, 2017: Draft NAFTA Renegotiation Plan in Official Fast Track Notice Letter Would Not Fulfill Trump’s Pledge to Make NAFTA ‘Much Better’ for Working People or Enjoy a Congressional Majority
March 28, 2017: Trump Rollback of Climate Policies Is a Historic Move Toward Catastrophe
March 27, 2017: Trump’s Repeal of Regulatory Protections Using the CRA Is Corrupt Insider Dealing
March 16, 2017: Misappropriated by Mick Mulvaney
March 15, 2017: Trump Rollback of Fuel Economy Standards Would Cost Americans $5,700 Per Car, $8,200 Per Truck
March 1, 2017: Trump’s Joint Address Attack on FDA Signals Complete Ignorance of Medication Approval Process
Feb. 27, 2017: Trump’s Initial Budget Offering Would Emaciate Public Services and Protections
Feb. 27, 2017: Behind the Rhetoric of Trump’s Congressional Address
Feb. 24, 2017: Trump’s Executive Order Will Cut Deep Into Essential Public Protections
Feb. 20, 2017: Attacking Public Protections and Endangering Americans Is Not Presidential
Feb. 20, 2017: Trump’s First 30 Days: A Wholesale Corporate Takeover of Government
Feb. 9, 2017: A First: Presidential Transition Team May Have Used Nondisclosure Agreement to Conceal Congressional Staffers’ Work on Muslim Ban
Feb. 8, 2017: Public Citizen to Spicer: Now Is the Time to Revoke the Wrongheaded Executive Order on Regulations
Feb. 8, 2017: Consumer, Environmental and Workers Groups File Legal Challenge to Trump’s ‘One-In, Two-Out’ Executive Order on Regulations
Feb. 3, 2017: Trump Executive Orders Overturning Wall Street Reform Betray Campaign Promises; Media Availability
Feb. 2, 2017: Trump’s Reckless Threat to End Johnson Amendment Will Corrupt the Pulpit, Open Church Groups to Political Manipulation
Jan. 31, 2017: Trump Proposal to Eviscerate FDA Regulations Would Endanger Public Health
Jan. 30, 2017: Trump’s ‘Two-Out, One-In’ Executive Order on Regulations Is Radical, Unworkable and Dangerous
Jan. 27, 2017: Trump’s Ban of Refugees Weakens Democracy and Threatens America’s Global Leadership Role
Jan. 25, 2017: Doesn’t Inspire Confidence: Dark Money Kingpin to Advise Trump Businesses on Ethics
Jan. 25, 2017: Trump's Voter Fraud Lies: A Fraud on Democracy
Jan. 23, 2017: Trump’s ‘Fake Facts’ About Regulation Could Lead to Real Catastrophes
Jan. 23, 2017: President Trump’s Executive Orders Formally Bury TPP’s Corpse, but What About TTIP, TISA, China BIT?
Jan. 19, 2017: 'Send Special Interests Packing'? Trump Already Has Broken That Pledge
Jan. 19, 2017: Corporate Contributors to Trump Inauguration Seek to Curry Favor
Dec. 9, 2016: Trump Transition Team Asks Disturbing Questions About Civil Service Employees
Nov. 29, 2016: Congress Must Drain the Swamp, Not Clog the Drain
Nov. 11, 2016: Bailed-Out Auto Industry Asks Trump’s Lobbyist Transition Team to Ease Off Rules That Save Consumers Money
Nov. 10, 2016: Here's How We Can Face the Massive Challenges Ahead

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