The 14th Round in the News

September 17, 2012-Info Justice: Progress Slow on IPR Talks as Fourteenth Round of TPP Negotiations Concludes (links to

September 17, 2012-NewsStand: U.S. Tables TPP Drug Pricing Proposal; Still Mulling Other IPR Revisions (links to

September 17, 2012-ENews Park Forest: Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations Met With Daily Protests (links to

September 16, 2012
-Wall Street Journal: Update: Negotiators Cite Momentum in Asia-Pacific Trade Talks; Work Remains (links to

September 14, 2012-ENews Park Forest: Pocahontas Star Arrested For Filming At Secretive Free Trade Talks (links to

September 14, 2012-
Melinda St. Louis on RT News: "TPP Destroys US Sovereignty" (links to

September 14, 2012
-Scoop: Critics Already Gearing up for TPP round in Auckland (links to

September 13, 2012-Truth-Out: Occupy the TPP: Civil Disobedience Actions Blockade Entrance to Site of TPP Negotatiations (links to

September 13, 2012-KJOnline: Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal is NAFTA on Steroids (links to

September 13, 2012-Asia Times: Malaysia risks takeover (links to

September 13, 2012
-IVN: TPP Negotiations Divide Intellectual Property Debate (links to

September 12, 2012-Chicago Tribune: Asia-Pacific trade talks entering delicate phase: U.S. (links to

September 12, 2012
-OpEdNews: Meet the TPP: A Worldwide Corporate Power Grab of Enormous Proportions (links to

September 12, 2012-
Daily Dot: The TPP: A first-hand look at secret international talks that could change the Internet (links to

September 12, Obama Says One Thing Under the Spotlight; Does Another Behind Closed Doors (links to the

September 12, 2012-Free Malaysia Today: TPP: America's hidden agenda (links to

September 12, 2012-Council of Canadians: Protests greet another Trans-Pacific Partnership round (links to

September 10, 2012-TechCentrale: Critics concerned trade agreement will include SOPA langauge (links to

September 10, 2012-Huffington Post: Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: Drone Strikes on People With AIDS? (links to


September 9, 2012-Bloomberg: Protesters Seek Openness at Pacific-Region Trade Pact Talks (links to


September 8, 2012-The Hill: Lawmakers call for openness over Pacific trade deal IP measures (links to

September 7, 2012-TPPInfo: Failing to Understand the Needs of the 21st Century: The TPP’s Inflexible Approach to Internet Transmissions (links to

September 7, 2012
-Inside U.S. Trade: U.S. To Table Refined TPP Drug Pricing Proposal At Leesburg Round (links to

September 6, 2012-
Inside U.S. Trade: Wyden, Issa Join Forces in Latest Effort For More Transparency in TPP (links to

September 6, 2012-TPPInfo: Failing to understand the needs of the 21st century: The TPP’s flawed digital locks scheme (links to

September 6, 2012-Inside U.S. Trade: After 30 Months Of Negotiations, TPP Talks Still Have Long Way To Go (links to

September 6, 2012-Inside U.S. Trade: Key Areas Of TPP Talks At Different Stages After 30 Months Of Effort (links to

September 4, 2012-Nature: Trade deal to curb generic drug use (links to

September 1, 2012-Joe Wolverton in The New American: TPP Copyright Provisions Threaten Internet Freedom, U.S. Sovereignty (links to

ugust 31, 2012-Carolina Rossini and Maira Sutton for the Electronic Frontier Foundation: TPP Countdown: USTR Gives Us an Entire Two Minutes More to Present to Trade Negotiators (links to

August 29, 2012-Maira Sutton for the Electronic Frontier Foundation: TPP Countdown: USTR Whittles Away at Remaining Trace of Public Participation (links to

August 28, 2012
-Office of Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro (D-CT) News Release in The Wall Street Journal: House Democrats Call On Administration To Open Trade Talks - Request Access as Observers to Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations (links to

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Round 14: Leesburg, VA, USA

September 6-15, 2012


News from the Intellectual property table

From September 6 to 15, negotiators from the nine TPP countries convened at the Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, VA for the 14th round of trade talks. The agenda for the intellectual property table was quite ambitious including general provisions, cooperation, trademarks, geographical indications, and copyright provision—limitations & exceptions, copyright presumption, internet retransmission, and internet satellite signals. Reportedly, the IP talks moved more slowly than expected. Read More

NEW ANALYSIS-Public Citizen's Global Access to Medicines Program introduced its new table,"Patent Linkage Provisions in U.S. Free Trade Agreements and the U.S. Intellectual Property Proposal to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)" to IP negotiators at the stakeholder forum. Tables on data exclusivity and patent term adjustments coming soon.

Dr. Burcu Kilic presents chart to IP negotiator during the stakeholders forum, Sunday September, 9.

NEW Factsheets-  How TPP Endangers Acces to Medicines  August 2012
                            How TPP Endangers Access to Medicines in Vietnam   August 2012
                            How TPP Endangers Access to Medicines in Malaysia  August 2012


More than 700,000 sign AVAAZ petition against TPP

Presentations from the Leesburg Round Stakeholders' Forum (Sept. 9, 2012)



September 9, 2012-Public Forum sponsored by NGOs: TPP: Out of the Shadows! "Rally for Good Jobs, Affordable Medicine & a Healthy Environment" (link to Facebook page) 
RSVP for bus, carpool or other information

September 9, 2012
-Direct Stakeholder Engagement Event, Clubhouse A&B, Lansdowne Resort

September 9, 2012-Stakeholder Briefing Event, Lansdowne Resort

Stakeholder briefing, September 9.

Follow the Negotiations

Breaking news from Leesburg: OccupyDC just disrupt financial services session of the negotiations. Watch the video

Burcu Kilic @burcuno

Flush the #TPP! The protesters blocked the entrance of the venue

Peter Maybarduk ‏@Maybarduk                                                                                           

Friends of the Earth @ #TPP Leesburg: "Consultation is not the same as public disclosure." #StopTPP #NoTPP


Peter Maybarduk ‏@Maybarduk

So many unquiet civ soc questions @ #TPP briefing that they are cutting off discussion. #StopTPP


Burcu Kilic ‏@burcuno

#ACTA voted down in Europe. How do you justify the #TPP that goes beyond ACTA?


Peter Maybarduk ‏@Maybarduk

MSF @ #TPP briefing: US IP proposal endangers sustainability of treatment - how you will you protect public health? #StopTPP


Burcu Kilic ‏@burcuno

Chile chief: access to medicines is one of the most important issues in the #TPP


Andres Izquierdo ‏@andizquierdo

Again and again: USTR says "we are not ready to put out the text of the @ #tpp"


EFF Live Tweets ‏@EFFLive

Photo of the @USTradeRep's #TPP stakeholder briefing room: at least 200 people present here. #StopTPP #OpenTPP


Rally sponsored by NGOs outside negotiation venue, September, 9.



For more pictures and videos from the round check out this page by Global Trade Watch

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